Mew (quest)

Mew (quest) Region Kanto Difficulty Middle Compulsory? No Starting location . Requisites Have at least 100 hours playtime Be Johto Champion Have access to Cerulean Cave Have all Kanto Pokémon owned excluding Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres … Read more

Intraregional Subway (quest)

(Redirected from Nocturnal Feather) Intraregional Subway (quest) Region Kanto Difficulty Intermediate Compulsory? No Starting location Speak to the subway-manager in Saffron City‘s train station. Requisites Must have defeated the Kanto Elite Four 50,000 A Nocturnal … Read more

Abandoned Ship (quest)

Abandoned Ship (quest) Region Hoenn Difficulty Easy Compulsory? No Starting location Enter the Abandoned Ship on Route 108. Requisites Balance Badge from Petalburg Gym (for surfable access into the ship Rewards Huntail or Clamperl (randomized) … Read more