Throwing the Best Girls’ Slumber Party at Home

Are you excited for the winter break and already planning out parties with your friends and family? Well, we know there’s no party better than a party that lasts the night. Planned slumber parties are one of the most fun things to plan at home since you get to have fun the entire night, catch up with friends, do crazy party stuff, and not have to sleep at all. If you’re thinking of throwing your friends a slumber party any time soon, we have come up with some of the best things to do at your upcoming slumber party.

So read on and get your party pajamas ironed, because you sure do not want to miss out on any fun!

Play Dress Up


A girl’s night should be done right by playing dress up and experimenting, playing around, and being wild. You can ask all your girls to bring on the craziest amongst their wardrobes stack up all of the pieces and try them on one by one. You can also set up a theme and make everyone dress up accordingly, and choose a winner at the end of the night.

The best thing about dressing up with your girls is that you have to freedom to be your true self, experiment with things you never had the courage to do before, and be appreciated and validated at the same time.

So be creative, and know no bounds!

Watch a horror movie

What is something you would never do alone but might consider doing with a bunch of friends? Yes, you guessed that right. Watching a horror movie is double the fun with the right people and you won’t even be scared surrounded by your group. There are some amazing new horror movies available to watch on a number of streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Hotstar, and more.

Well, for that, all you need is a fast and consistent internet connection like Windstream Internet so you do not have to get disappointed by a buffering screen.

Take pictures for the gram

Having a great time with your girl friends all night long? Flaunt it on the gram! Take cool pictures, and pose with each other to remember the night in times to come and since you’re on it, why not get some fun content on the way? Follow fun TikTok trends, get groovy, and record some cool reels. You can also recreate your old pictures and make your time more enjoyable. You might even start feeling nostalgic and end up watching dozens of old photographs for old times’ sake!

Have a midnight baking contest


Staying up all night comes with an unsaid rule of munching all night. Once you deplete all your snacking resources, it’s time to head over to the kitchen and bake for some fun. You can team up and have a competition by following an easy baking recipe from YouTube.

Not only will you have fun baking, but have some yummy treats to devour together till dawn! So set up your horror movie because freshly baked snacks are on the way!

Practice your makeup skills on each other

Just as this is the perfect time to try out the dresses sleeping in some bleak corner of your home, you can also try out new makeup looks on each other. TikTok and YouTube are always brimming with thousands of new makeup trends and tutorials, and this is the best time to practice it.

You can take turns trying out new looks and make your own tutorials. Who knows, maybe they turn out well and you guys can start your very own makeup channel!

Find Tinder matches for your friends

Since the night is all about going wild and doing something out of the box, why not set your single friends up with matches on Tinder? Tweak their profiles, add a new chic picture, and shortlist potential candidates for their next date!

Prank call an old frenemy


Want to end the night on a pranky note? Dig up your old contact list and pick out a number of someone you would all like to play a prank on. Just make sure you do not get in trouble later, so keep it harmless!

Take a cute Polaroid picture for the memories

Last but not least, if you have a Polaroid camera, you should all take a picture together and keep it as a memorandum for the night. With so many pictures on our phones today, they can often become highly overrated and lost in thousands of others. Therefore, a physical photograph will be special and remain with you forever.

Wrapping Up

That’s all from us. We hope you have an amazing slumber party at home with your girls. Make sure to invite your close ones only so you can spend your time having the best time without any filters.

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