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Gear and gifts

Pokémon Battle Revolution is a new installment in the Pokémon video game series, and it is the first Wii game to utilize the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection in North America. The game is also the second … Read more

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Avoiding scams

If you’re new to Pokemon Revolution, you might be wondering how to trade your favorite virtual characters. It’s a fairly simple concept: a player can borrow Pokemon from another player, but how do they know … Read more

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Trading pokemon

The first thing that you should know before buying Pokemon Battle Revolution is that you cannot copy your current Pokemon onto this game. This is because the game only allows you to copy Pokemon that … Read more

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Getting a bike

Running isn’t implemented in Pokemon Revolution. You’ll need to do several things to get a bike, including giving a Ditto to a kid in Vermilion City. Then, use a bike discount voucher in the Vermilion … Read more

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S.S. Anne Ticket

In Pokemon Revolution Online, you can earn various bonuses and items. These can include the legendary dragon scale, Unstopableness, and Bug Catching Contest. To get these items, you need to defeat the Elite 4 and … Read more

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Getting tickets

If you’ve been wondering how to get tickets in Pokemon Revolution, then this guide is for you! In this article, we’ll go over Location, Cost, Levels, and more. Read on to learn how to get … Read more

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Trading with trusted friends

To begin making money in Pokemon Revolution Online, you need to find some extra time on your days. You can get this by doing daily excavations and Dig Spots. It also helps if you can … Read more