PvE Coins

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PvE (Player versus Environment) coins are earned from in game activities. The main source for these coins is by defeating Bosses. There are several other ways to obtain them as well. Similarly to PvP coins, players can collect and exchange them for various rewards.

Earning PvE Coins

Battle Tower

Main article: Battle Tower

A registration fee of 15k is required. Teams cannot be changed after the challenge has started. Players will battle 10 different teams that increase in difficulty. An NPC will heal your Pokémon after you win each fight. The final boss, Cynthia, must be defeated after these battles. Completing this challenge successfully rewards 25 coins.

  • Location: Fight Area (Sinnoh)
  • Cooldown: Four days

Bug-Catching Contest

Main article: Bug Catching Area

Players are given 20 minutes to catch bug type Pokémon. Their IVs, level, and tier are calculated for an overall score. First place rewards 3 PvE coins, second place rewards 2, and third rewards 1. Other rewards are gained in addition to the coins. More information about the contest is on the forums and the Bug Catching Area page.

  • Location: National Park Stophouse (Johto)
  • Cooldown: 24 hours

Collector Joro

Collector Joro can be found in any of the four Department Stores. In exchange for your Shiny or event Pokémon, he will give you either 5 or 3 PvE Coins. If the Pokémon has your OT, he will give you 5 coins and if it does not have your OT, he will give you 3 coins.

Fishing Contest

Main article: Fishing Contest

The Fishing Contest is a weekly, server-wide, event. Players are given 60 minutes to catch and submit the fish Pokémon found in the lake. Scoring is based off of rarity and IVs.
Placing in the top 25 will earn you 10 coins, top 10 will earn you 35 coins, and top 3 will earn you 50 coins. Participants that do not place in the top 25 will earn 3 coins.

  • Location: Corsica Island
  • Cooldown: Seven days

Reworked Bosses

Players can challenge several reworked bosses (a full list of them may be viewed here) to earn PvE Coins. Most bosses have three difficulty tiers: easy, medium, and hard, rewarding 0, 3, and 5 PvE Coins upon winning, respectively.

Sinnoh Underground

Main article: Sinnoh Underground

Players can explore the mines for a treasure room. The activity costs 2k. Once there, there are NPCs that will request specific Pokémon, items, and a battle. They provide hints for where the treasure room is once you successfully complete their request/defeat them. Players will earn 1-3 PvE coins along with other rewards.

  • Location: Eterna City house next to the Pokécenter (Sinnoh)
  • Cooldown: 24 hours

Summer Guardians (Event Only)

Players can defeat Summer Guardian Rin and Summer Guardian Lime during the Vulcan Island event. Both bosses reward 3 PvE Coins along with other rewards. This opportunity is only available during summer.

  • Location: Vulcan Island Shore (Rin) and Kalijodo Lake (Lime).
  • Cooldown: Three days

PvE Coin Master & Apprentice

The PvE Coin Master allows players to exchange their coins for rewards. There is also a PvE Apprentice with rewards that can be obtained for a smaller number of coins.

Master Locations

  • Celadon City, Celadon Mart 4 (Kanto)
  • Goldenrod City, Goldenrod Mart 5 (Johto)
  • Lilycove City, Lilycove Department Store 2F (Hoenn)
  • Veilstone City, Veilstone Department Store 4F / Battle Tower Entrance in Fight Area (Sinnoh)

Apprentice Locations

  • Saffron City, Silph Co. 1F (Kanto)
  • Goldenrod City (Johto)
  • Battle Tower Entrance in Fight Area (Sinnoh)


The PvE Coin Masters will offer 5 Pokémon to the player each week, out of a total of 26 Pokémon. The Pokémon are rotated once per week.

Syncable Pokémon for 50 PvE Coins

Pokédex Number Pokémon Type 1 Type 2 Rarity Tier Held Item
#001 Bulbasaur Grass Poison Rare
#004 Charmander Fire Rare
#007 Squirtle Water Rare
#133 Eevee Normal Rare
#137 Porygon Normal Unhuntable
#147 Dratini Dragon Rare
#214 Heracross Bug Fighting Uncommon
#246 Larvitar Rock Ground Rare
#252 Treecko Grass Rare
#255 Torchic Fire Rare
#258 Mudkip Water Rare
#387 Turtwig Grass Rare
#390 Chimchar Fire Rare
#393 Piplup Water Rare
#443 Gible Dragon Ground Rare
#479 Rotom Electric Ghost Rare
#495 Snivy Grass Rare
#501 Oshawott Water Rare
#577 Solosis Psychic Rare
#590 Foongus Grass Poison Rare
#594 Alomomola Water Rare
#650 Chespin Grass Rare
#653 Fennekin Fire Rare
#656 Froakie Water Rare
#704 Goomy Dragon Rare


Items Price
Akatsuki Robe 250
Aqua Diva Dress 200
Blue Punk Jacket 200
Broly Clothes 250
Citrus Diva Dress 200
Dark Diva Dress 200
Fuchsia Diva Dress 200
Gold Punk Jacket 200
Lime Diva Dress 200
Peach Diva Dress 200
Pirate Clothes 250
Red Punk Jacket 200
Silver Diva Dress 200
TZ Clothes 250
Turtle School Uniform 250
  • PvE Coins are the currency of this shop.


Items Price
Blue Cappy 250
Gold Cappy 250
Pirate Hat 250
Poliweird Mask 250
TDWL Hat 250
  • PvE Coins are the currency of this shop.


Items Price
Altaria Mount 250
S Altaria Mount 500
Xmas Altaria Mount 750
Bidoof Mount 250
S Bidoof Mount 500
Dewgong Mount 250
S Dewgong Mount 300
Drifloon Mount 500
S Drifloon Mount 750
Electrode Mount 250
Flygon Mount 500
S Flygon Mount 750
Flying Nimbus 500
Furret Mount 250
S Furret Mount 500
Xmas Furret Mount 750
S Electrode Mount 500
Snorlax Mount 250
S Snorlax Mount 500
Magic Carpet 500
Metagross Mount 250
S Metagross Mount 500
Pyroar Mount 250
S Pyroar Mount 500
Salamence Mount 500
S Salamence Mount 750
Star Mount 500
Black Car 500
Blue Car 500
Green 500
Orange Car 500
Pink Car 500
Red Car 500
Yellow Car 500
Blue Motorbike 500
Green Motorbike 500
Orange Motorbike 500
Purple Motorbike 500
  • PvE Coins are the currency of this shop.

In-battle items

Items Price
Air Balloon 1
Focus Sash 1
Mental Herb 1
Power Herb 1
White Herb 1
Leftovers 20
Master Ball 20
Macho Brace 25
  • PvE Coins are the currency of this shop.

Evolutionary items

Items Price
Dragon Scale 10
King’s Rock 10
Metal Coat 10
Shiny Stone 10
Moon Stone 20
Razor Fang 25
Magmarizer 50
Prism Scale 50
Protector 50
Up-Grade 50
Dubious Disc 150
  • PvE Coins are the currency of this shop.


Items Price
Ability Capsule 250
Nature Reroll Ticket 150
Reroll Ticket 250
Mysterious Candy 2
  • PvE Coins are the currency of this shop.

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