Intraregional Subway (quest)

Intraregional Subway (quest)



Starting location
Speak to the subway-manager in Saffron City‘s train station.

  • Must have defeated the Kanto Elite Four
  • 50,000
  • A Nocturnal Feather (obtainable mid-quest)
  • A Bicycle to access Route 16
  • Access to the intraregional-subway systems in Kanto and Johto
  • HM02 (Fly)

The Intraregional Subway quest is the requisitory quest of the intraregional-subway system that connects the Kanto and Johto regions. This quest’s completion—in addition to the regionally respective championships for the Elite Four bureaus—is required in order to use this system to travel intraregionally between Pokémon Centers.

Because the quest also rewards HM02 (Fly), it is also referred to as the Fly Quest; however, while this is a reward, it should be noted that Fly has no out-of-battle usability.


Textual guide

Throughout your journey, you may have noticed in Pokémon Centers that the intraregional-subway systems have been inoperable; that is because they have not have had enough money to subsidize it. With an Elite Four championship, however, your reputation as a trainer has risen to the point that the subway-manager is willing to request your help to repair it.

Conferring with the subway-manager in Saffron City about your objective.

Speaking to the subway-manager

Once you have become a regional champion by defeating Kanto’s Elite Four , speak to the subway-manager in Saffron City‘s subway station to begin the quest.

He will inform you that Yorkie (their most prolific sponsor) has had too many issues to tend to with his farm; which caused him to rescind his sponsorship, ultimately leading to the shutdown of the subway. He notes that Yorkie resides on Route 16 and points you in his direction.

Visiting Yorkie

Yorkie’s residential house on Route 16.

Head to Route 16; the least roundabout route thereto would be traveling westwards from Saffron City to the western terminus of Celadon City. Remember that a Bicycle is needed in order to pass through the gatehouse to Yorkie’s house; Mounts, while functionally identical, do not count to access the Cycling Roads.

Once you have passed through the gatehouse, you will find Yorkie’s house — the only house within the vicinity of the route.

When you try to speak to Yorkie, he will ask for his parcel back, which he gave to his brother; he will muse over the whereabouts of him, who he suspects would not leave Kanto.

Locating Yorkie’s brother

Do note that Yorkie’s brother will be hidden until you have spoken to Yorkie for the quest objective to find his brother.

Yorkie’s brother’s location is randomized for each player; there are five possible places to find him:

  • A mini-island on Route 21
  • Victory Road Kanto 2F
  • Saffron City‘s Pokémart
  • Route 10 (adjacent to the Power Plant)
  • Diglett’s Cave
  • Route 21 mini-island

  • Victory Road

  • Saffron City Mart

  • Route 10

  • Diglett’s Cave

When you speak to him, he will admit that he still has his parcel on-hand; however, he will stipulate that you must pay 50,000 in return for it. Once you have paid, he will whisk off to another region, leaving you with the parcel that Yorkie has requested.

Nocturnal Feather

Extracting the Nocturnal Feather from a toting Pidgeotto.

Return to Yorkie with his parcel. While he is thankful that you have returned it, he wants you to complete another objective before he is willing to sponsor the subway: obtaining a Nocturnal Feather to attest your ‘love’ for the Pidgey evolutionary line.

The item is only dropped by Pidgeotto that inhabit Route 16 during the morning and night. The item’s drop rate is quite rare and thus the hunt can take while, however, the following techniques can be used to make the hunt for it easier.

  • Deploy a Pokémon with the Frisk ability; this will discern whether or not the wild Pidgeotto is actively holding a Nocturnal Feather, which can help you quickly identify if the Pidgeotto you find is worth your time.
  • Use item-looting moves, such as Covet and Thief, to loot the Nocturnal Feather from wild Pidgeotto (if actively holding it). Even if the Pokémon ultimately faints, the item will still be retrieved.
  • If you wish to capture the Pidgeotto to loot the item instead, you can use non-fainting moves, such as False Swipe or Super Fang, to help maximize your chances of capturing the Pokémon without fainting it.

Once the Nocturnal Feather has been obtained, give it to Yorkie; this will complete the quest!

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HM02 (Fly)

Main article: Fly

Once you have completed the quest, Yorkie will immediately reward you with HM02—the encapsulating TM of Fly.

Do note that Fly is not usable outside of battle; the move exists only for its in-battle functionality, which is now infinitely teachable to compatible Pokémon with the HM device. As a byproduct of completing its rewarding quest, however, you can now use the intraregional-subway system (read below) as the closest navigational shortcut there is to it for intraregional travel.

Intraregional-subway system

Main article: Transportational systems

After you have completed the quest, return to the subway system in Saffron City; it will now be operational, allowing you to intraregionally travel between an a select bevy of Pokémon Centers in the Kanto and Johto regions.

To use the system, travel down the staircase in operable Pokémon Centers to speak with the subway guard; therein, you will be allowed to travel to other destinational Pokémon Centers within the region for a fee of 2,500 per travel. Alternatively, you can purchase an infinite-use weekly transit pass for 100,000, thereby allowing you to costlessly board the subway, train, and ferry systems limitlessly until it expires.