Diancie (quest)

Diancie (quest)



Starting location
Breezy Path.

  • Having access to Love Island
  • Chance at catching Diancie
  • Diancite

The Diancie quest was first introduced during the 2024 Easter event and was later made permanent. It featured the mythical Pokémon Diancie and the Diancite.
These two were both made obtainable once their quest had been completed.

The quest requires access to Love Island. More specifically, you need to be able to access Diamond Domain Main Cave, which requires the player to have both Waterfall and Rock Smash or their respective tools.


To make the quest go as smoothly as possible, these preparations should be made:

  • A Pokémon with Surf or a Surf mount
  • A Pokémon with Waterfall or Sturdy Hiking Boots
  • A Pokémon with Dive or a Dive Mask
  • A Pokémon with Rock Smash or a Pick Axe
  • A Steel type Pokémon
  • A team of strong Pokémon

Instructional Walkthrough

To reach the area where the quest begins, you must first go to Love Island. You can sail to Love Island by speaking with the Love Sailor in Vermilion City. The requirements to enter Love Island are having the caught data of 120 Kanto Pokémon and 38 evolution data.
Once you get to Love Island, make your way to the northwest of the island. There will be a cave entrance there that leads to Diamond Domain. Early on in the cave, there is a ladder on the left side, use that to reach Diamond Domain B1F. From there, surf and climb the waterfall, then continue surfing until you see an entrance blocked by a rock. Past this entrance is Diamond Domain Main Cave. Once inside, go all the way up until you see a dive spot. After diving, you will be in Diamond Empire Pathway Underwater. Continue by surfing north and you will reach Diamond Empire Entry.

Diamond Empire Entry is desolate, so move forward to Diamond Empire Foyer. As soon as you enter, you will hear a princess plea for your help. She will explain that she was tricked and trapped by some thieves. To rescue her, you must clear both control rooms, which can be found in Diamond Empire East Wing and Diamond Empire West Wing.

East Wing

Going into the eastern exit from Diamond Empire Foyer will take you to Diamond Empire East Wing. There, your mission is to guide the Nosepass to a pedestal of sorts. The Nosepass will have the ability Magnet Pull, so you will need a Steel type in your party to make the Nosepass move towards you. There are a total of 3 Nosepass that need to be moved to a pedestal; the remaining Nosepass will battle you instead.

If the Nosepass quit following you, leave and re-enter the area; this will resolve the issue. Do not relog; this will reset their positions and require you to re-drag them from their original spots.

Once all 3 Nosepass have been guided to the pedestals, the path will clear up and you will gain access to Diamond Empire East Chamber. Inside the chamber, you will see an NPC named Merylin who will battle you once spoken to.

Diancie (quest) Trainers

Lv. 100
Lv. 100
Lv. 100
Lv. 100
Lv. 100

All NPCs cool down after 7 days unless noted contrariwise.

West Wing

After clearing the eastern control room, you must now clear the western one. Return to Diamond Empire Foyer and enter the cave on the west side to reach Diamond Empire West Wing. This room is empty, save for a sole cave entrance that leads to Diamond Empire Catacombs.
Here, you will need to wait for nighttime. When night has fallen, follow the lit up lanterns until you reach the control room. Once inside, you will see the other thief—Riot. He will battle you.

Diancie (quest) Trainers

Lv. 100
Lv. 100
Lv. 100
Lv. 100
Lv. 100

All NPCs cool down after 7 days unless noted contrariwise.


Now that both control rooms have been cleared, return to Diamond Empire Foyer, find and interact with Diancie. She will thank you for freeing her and will enter the cave behind her, saying she needs to recover the Heart Diamond. Follow Diancie and you will reach Diamond Empire Battlefield. There, you will need to defeat several Pokémon belonging to the thieves. You will act as a general giving out orders. Interact with each Carbink and give it a command. It will carry out said command in the direction it is looking at. After you have given commands to the Carbink, speak with Diancie to execute the commands.

Each Carbink will have a different nature, EV spread, and moveset from one another.

Carbink 1—Dace:
Timid Nature, 252 Speed, 252 Spatk.
Dazzling Gleam – Hits all adjacent Pokémon in front of it.
Ancient Power – Hits the target in front of it.
Calm Mind – Raises the Spdef and Spatk of the user by 1 stage each.

Carbink 2—Bort
Relaxed nature, 252 Defense, 252 HP.
Toxic – Badly poisons the enemy in front of it.
Sandstorm – Summons a sandstorm that lasts 5 turns.
Reflect – Halves the physical damage taken for all allies for 5 turns.

Carbink 3—Allotrope
Sassy nature, 252 Spdef, 252 HP.
Toxic – Badly poisons the enemy in front of it.
Iron Defense – Raises the Defense of the user by 2 stages.
Light Screen – Halves the special damage taken for all allies for 5 turns.

Carbink 4—Merrick
Jolly nature, 252 Speed, 252 Atk.
Rock Slide – Hits all adjacent Pokémon in front of it.
Stone Edge – Hits the target in front of it.
Sharpen – Raises the Accuracy of the user by 1 stage.

Each of the Carbink will have the following options:

Attack. As the name suggests, this option will order the selected Carbink to carry out a chosen move.

Show Current Action. This option will display what order the selected Carbink will do. It will also show what direction it will carry out said order.

Move. This option will allow you to move the Carbink to a nearby Pokéball in the ground.

Using the three options and all of the unique Carbink, you will need to defeat the thieves’ Pokémon. If all the Carbink faint, you will have to start over.
If at any point, you wish to surrender or have the rules explained once more, speak with Diancie.

Catching Diancie

Once the battlefield has been cleared, follow Diancie into the next room. Inside, you will find the Jeweler—the mastermind behind the entire operation. After some dialog, he will challenge you to a battle.

Jeweler’s Lineup

Nature Ability Item
Random Snow Warning None
Move Type Category Base Power Accuracy
Blizzard Ice Special 110 70
Power Gem Rock Special 80 100

Nature Ability Item
Random Magic Bounce Life Orb
Move Type Category Base Power Accuracy
Shadow Ball Ghost Special 80 100
Calm Mind Psychic Status
Psychic Psychic Special 90 100

Nature Ability Item
Random Random None
Move Type Category Base Power Accuracy
Will-O-Wisp Fire Status 85
Knock Off Dark Physical 65 100

Nature Ability Item
Random Random None
Move Type Category Base Power Accuracy
Wild Charge Electric Physical 90 100
Gear Grind Steel Physical 50 85

Mega Gardevoir
Nature Ability Item
Random Random Gardevoirite
Move Type Category Base Power Accuracy
Focus Blast Fighting Special 120 70
Psyshock Psychic Special 80 100
  • Emboldened moves avail from a STAB bonus when deployed by that Pokémon.
  • Italicized moves are functionally broken; see their individualized pages for more information.

After defeating the Jeweler, you will face off against his Gigalith.

Move Type Category Base Power Accuracy
Stone Edge Rock Physical 100 80

Now that the Gigalith has been defeated, the Jeweler will take his leave. Before leaving he will extend an invitation to his Jewelry store in Breezy Town.

Diancie will ask that you take it with you to grow stronger. You can return to a Pokémon center to retrieve a Synchronize Pokémon of your desired nature and a Master Ball if you deem one necessary.
You can now catch Diancie, however, the quest does not end here.


After catching Diancie, it will ask you to return it to the same place once it is strong enough. You must now train it to Level 100, fully EV train it, max out its happiness, and have it learnt the move Diamond Storm. Once those requirements have been reached, return to same spot with Diancie and interact with the shining crystals. After doing so, you will get some dialog and then laying on the floor will be the Diancite.