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{{Move|TMLocations=[[Power Plant]] for {{Pdollar}}15,000}}
{{Move|MTLocations=[[Power Plant]] for {{Pdollar}}15,000}}
'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is a [[Physical Moves|Physical]], [[Electric_(type)|Electric]] type, attacking move. The user will take 1/4 of the HP lost by the foe, as recoil damage.
'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is a [[Physical Moves|Physical]], [[Electric_(type)|Electric]] type, attacking move. The user will take 1/4 of the HP lost by the foe, as recoil damage.
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===[[Move Tutors#TM-tutors|TM Tutor]]===
The TM Tutor for {{PAGENAME}} can be found at the Kanto [[Power Plant]] for {{Pdollar}}15,000.

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Wild Charge
Element Type
Statistical Attributes
Base Power
Move tutor

Wild Charge is a Physical, Electric type, attacking move. The user will take 1/4 of the HP lost by the foe, as recoil damage.


Level Up

No.PokémonType 1Type 2Level
025 25Icon.png Pikachu Electric 50
309 309Icon.png Electrike Electric 39
310 310Icon.png Manectric Electric 42
403 403Icon.png Shinx Electric 45
404 404Icon.png Luxio Electric 53
405 405Icon.png Luxray Electric 63
522 522Icon.png Blitzle Electric 39
523 523Icon.png Zebstrika Electric 47
603 603Icon.png Eelektrik Electric 59

Emboldened Pokémon avail from a STAB bonus for this move.

TM Tutor

No.PokémonType 1Type 2
019 19Icon.png Rattata Normal
020 20Icon.png Raticate Normal
025 25Icon.png Pikachu Electric
026 26Icon.png Raichu Electric
26B 26BIcon.png Alolan Raichu Electric Psychic
039 39Icon.png Jigglypuff Normal Fairy
040 40Icon.png Wigglytuff Normal Fairy
058 58Icon.png Growlithe Fire
059 59Icon.png Arcanine Fire
76A 76AIcon.png Alolan Golem Rock Electric
077 77Icon.png Ponyta Fire
078 78Icon.png Rapidash Fire
081 81Icon.png Magnemite Electric Steel
082 82Icon.png Magneton Electric Steel
100 100Icon.png Voltorb Electric
101 101Icon.png Electrode Electric
113 113Icon.png Chansey Normal
125 125Icon.png Electabuzz Electric
128 128Icon.png Tauros Normal
135 135Icon.png Jolteon Electric
143 143Icon.png Snorlax Normal
145 145Icon.png Zapdos Electric Flying
151 151Icon.png Mew Psychic
155 155Icon.png Cyndaquil Fire
156 156Icon.png Quilava Fire
157 157Icon.png Typhlosion Fire
170 170Icon.png Chinchou Water Electric
171 171Icon.png Lanturn Water Electric
172 172Icon.png Pichu Electric
174 174Icon.png Igglybuff Normal Fairy
179 179Icon.png Mareep Electric
180 180Icon.png Flaaffy Electric
181 181Icon.png Ampharos Electric
206 206Icon.png Dunsparce Normal
209 209Icon.png Snubbull Fairy
210 210Icon.png Granbull Fairy
234 234Icon.png Stantler Normal
239 239Icon.png Elekid Electric
242 242Icon.png Blissey Normal
243 243Icon.png Raikou Electric
300 300Icon.png Skitty Normal
301 301Icon.png Delcatty Normal
309 309Icon.png Electrike Electric
310 310Icon.png Manectric Electric
311 311Icon.png Plusle Electric
312 312Icon.png Minun Electric
327 327Icon.png Spinda Normal
403 403Icon.png Shinx Electric
404 404Icon.png Luxio Electric
405 405Icon.png Luxray Electric
462 462Icon.png Magnezone Electric Steel
466 466Icon.png Electivire Electric
498 498Icon.png Tepig Fire
499 499Icon.png Pignite Fire Fighting
500 500Icon.png Emboar Fire Fighting
506 506Icon.png Lillipup Normal
507 507Icon.png Herdier Normal
508 508Icon.png Stoutland Normal
522 522Icon.png Blitzle Electric
523 523Icon.png Zebstrika Electric
531 531Icon.png Audino Normal
585 585Icon.png Deerling Normal Grass
586 586Icon.png Sawsbuck Normal Grass
587 587Icon.png Emolga Electric Flying
595 595Icon.png Joltik Bug Electric
596 596Icon.png Galvantula Bug Electric
599 599Icon.png Klink Steel
600 600Icon.png Klang Steel
601 601Icon.png Klinklang Steel
603 603Icon.png Eelektrik Electric
604 604Icon.png Eelektross Electric
626 626Icon.png Bouffalant Normal
636 636Icon.png Larvesta Bug Fire
637 637Icon.png Volcarona Bug Fire
659 659Icon.png Bunnelby Normal
660 660Icon.png Diggersby Normal Ground
667 667Icon.png Litleo Fire Normal
668 668Icon.png Pyroar Fire Normal
672 672Icon.png Skiddo Grass
673 673Icon.png Gogoat Grass
676 676Icon.png Furfrou Normal
694 694Icon.png Helioptile Electric Normal
695 695Icon.png Heliolisk Electric Normal
702 702Icon.png Dedenne Electric Fairy
714 714Icon.png Noibat Flying Dragon
715 715Icon.png Noivern Flying Dragon

Emboldened Pokémon avail from a STAB bonus for this move.