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This area is part of Vulcan Island, the summer event island. As such, its accessibility is limited to its opening times, which are between June and August.

Vulcanic Town - Vulcan Island




Battleable NPCs
Ground-lootable items
Berry trees

Contiguous areas

Vulcanic Town Kalijodo Path
Vulcan Forest

Vulcanic Town is the only town of Vulcan Island. It is located between Vulcan Forest and Kalijodo Lake. On top of functionning as a regular city, it is also where it is possible to redeem Summer Points on the island, as well as where it is possible to start the Vulcan Quest, which features Team Magma and Team Aqua.

Notable miscellanies

Vulcan Quest

Upon entering the town, an NPC informs that the mayor of the city, Ahok, wants to see the player. He is staying in his home, the first building east of the Pokemon Center.

When speaking to him, he explains that Magma and Aqua members has been spotted doing suspicious activies on the island, and request the player to investigate them.

The quest branches into two paths, as the player must choose if he or she wants to side with Team Magma or with Team Aqua. Team Aqua's path starts in Kalijodo Lake, while Team Magma's path starts in Mt. Summer.

The main advantage of choosing Team Aqua is the ability to catch Piplup, while Chimchar will instead be catchable after choosing Team Magma.

After one side has been completed, returning to Mayor Ahok, he will reward the player with a hat, as well as between PokémonDollar.png10,000 and PokémonDollar.png15,000. The hat will be Whiscash Hat if the player sided with Team Aqua, and Magikarp Hat if the player sided with Team Magma.


Whiscash Hat.png Whiscash Hat 1
Magikarp Hat.png Magikarp Hat 1

Vulcan Quest Guru

On the building west of the Pokemon Center, the Vulcan Quest Guru will reset the Vulcan Quest, allowing to change path.

Challenger Rick

In the south-eastmost house, Challenger Rick will give a repeatable task to the player, but only after the first part of the Vulcan Quest has been completed.

He will ask to show him either a Chimchar or a Piplup. Everytime a new Pokémon is shown to him, he will reward the player with an ammount of Summer Points equal to the total of its IV points, meaning an average of 90 Summer Points, and theorically up to 186 Summer Points can be obtained per Pokémon submitted. However, there are limits to what can be submitted:

  • The Pokémon must be caught by the player.
  • The Pokémon must have been caught the same day as when it is submitted.
  • The Pokémon must have been caught after the last time a Pokémon was submitted.
  • Up to 10 Pokémons can be submitted every day.

Given Piplup and Chimchar's low spawn rates, it is unlikely to be able to fill the daily quota, and as such it is recommended to immediately submit them as soon as they are caught, regardless of IV points.

Summer Points Redeemer

In the purple tent is located the Summer Point Redeemer. Using Summer Points obtained on the island, it is possible to purchase a large variety of cosmetic items as well as a couple items.

Note that a Summer Points Redeemer is also present in Slateport City, in case the player did not use his or her Summer Points before the island closed. However, clothes are not available in Slateport City, as such it is recommended to prioritize those over the hats.

Summer Hats

W-Sea Shellos Hat.pngW-Sea Shellos Hat250
E-Sea Shellos Hat.pngE-Sea Shellos Hat250
Chinchou Hat.pngChinchou Hat250
Politoed Hat.pngPolitoed Hat250
Poliwhirl Hat.pngPoliwhirl Hat250
Wooper Hat.pngWooper Hat250
MissingIcon.pngQwilfish Hat250
Whiscash Hat.pngWhiscash Hat250
Feebas Hat.pngFeebas Hat250
Magikarp Hat.pngMagikarp Hat250
Slowking Crown.pngSlowking Crown300

  • Summer Points are the currency of this shop.

Summer Outfits

Summer Clothes W-B.pngSummer Clothes W-B350
Summer Clothes W-R.pngSummer Clothes W-R350
Summer Clothes W-G.pngSummer Clothes W-G350
Summer Clothes B-R.pngSummer Clothes B-R350
Summer Clothes B-G.pngSummer Clothes B-G350
Summer Clothes B-B.pngSummer Clothes B-B350

  • Summer Points are the currency of this shop.


Rare Candy.pngRare Candy150
Hyper Potion.pngHyper Potion110

  • Summer Points are the currency of this shop.

Heart Stamp Tutor

A Move Tutor for the move Heart Stamp can be found at the southern exit of the town. He will teach the move to your Jirachi.



Vulcanic Town Mart
Great Ball.pngGreat BallPokémonDollar.png600
Ultra Ball.pngUltra BallPokémonDollar.png1,200
Super Potion.pngSuper PotionPokémonDollar.png700
Full Heal.pngFull HealPokémonDollar.png600
Escape Rope.pngEscape RopePokémonDollar.png550

NPC Trainers

Vulcanic Town Trainers
Bug Catcher.png
Bug Catcher
Lv. 15
Lv. 100

All NPCs cool down after 7 days unless noted contrariwise.