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Trainer profile

Piine (trainer card).png
IGN(s)Piinetree & Fenne (Actively)
Real-world nameKevin
Birthdate01/16/1998 (23-years-old)
Date registered11/04/2015
Staff role(s)
Primary serverSilver
Favorite Pokémon



My name is Kevin, but most users normally know me by my moniker Piine.

As mentioned, I was a former staff member of Pokémon Revolution Online who handled trade-based issues, scamming, and other small trade issues under the familiar group known as Trade Moderators which was previously discontinued, but now in a position rise under the new era of staff members.

Currently, I still strive and play the game for entertainment and try to assist players on my free time on both the forums and in-game with the knowledge I've gain over the several months as a staff member who worked hard to make our great community comfortable.

I'm also was previously apart of Discord Staff so if you wish to talk, need help, or just want to relax, feel free to stop by the Community Discord!

Thank you for reading, and may you have a marvelous day!.