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Date registered05/06/2018
Primary serverSilver
Favorite Pokémon

Hyral is a Normal-type Wiki-Editor first introduced to the franchise with Generation I.

His evolutionary line is monophasic.



Hyral began playing Pokemon in Generation I, using the grey, huge, brick-sized original gameboy. By the time Generation II was released in Japan he had already drained the Red and Blue games of all information and content he could get.

In his impatience, he ended up emulating Gold and Silver japanese ROMs and sinking even more time into Generation II before they were brought to the west and he could finally buy them and do it all over again. And then yet again for a third time with the advent of the Crystal version.

Then came Generation III and he was interested in it but life has a way of intruding and eventually had to put the game aside. However, his interest was rekindled when FireRed and LeafGreen were released. Even if it had been almost a decade since the original game his interest hadn't faded. The updated graphics lured him with nostalgia and the redone mechanics rewarded him with wonder. The feeling of relearning the original game that he had devoured as a kid kept him hooked to the game all over again.

Since then he has occasionally tried the newer games. And now casually plays Pokémon Revolution Online and aspires to help gather and categorize the information of the game into the wiki.


  • His favorite Generation is still Generation II even to this day due to the huge leap of content and features in comparison to Generation I. To list a few: the berries and apricot systems, time system, pokemon animations, the Kanto post-game zone, etc.
  • His favorite Pokemon game in general is Pokemon Crystal.
  • Of the post Gameboy era Pokemon Platinum and Black/White2 are his favorites.
  • Always picks Totodile from the Generation II starters and always names him Toto. Hurry boy, it's waiting there for you.
  • His favorite Pokemon is Suicune thanks to the story line in Pokemon Crystal and the amazing battle theme in it.
  • Likes using his user page to test templates, formatting, edits, and other things. Strange and broken things might be found here every so often.