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How I got into Pokemon:

I was first introduced to Pokemon with the show. I would walk to school everyday, and I would stop at my best friends house every morning to watch the show with him. When the card game came out, we were so excited we went to the mall and he bought 2 1st edition booster packs, and gave 1 to me (I grew up very poor, so I didn't have a GameBoy or even console). My friend opened his, and he got a Venasaur (it was his favorite starter) and I got a Charizard! YEAH! My favorite starter, but knowing it was the most powerful card at the time, I offered it to my friend who purchased the packs, because I didn't feel right about keeping it. But he insisted, and I did. A few weeks later, I had another friend approach me with a trade (I still feel bad about this a bit, and I'm sure his parents hate me) but he offered me his GameBoy Color (He got a newer one with a new color and didn't need this one), an original GameBoy (I loved these), and Pokemon Red AND Blue for my Charizard card. I talked with my bestie and he said he told me to do it and wouldn't hold it against me. In fact, he said he was just more excited to play the game with me =) Hes an awesome mate! But that's how my Pokemon journey began, and I have been an avid fan ever since.

Pokemon Games Ive played:

All except White/Black, although I do intend to go back and play them.

Favorite Pokemon games:

PRO obviously ;) Pokemon SoulSilver and HeartGold Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green Pokemon Lets go would be up here, if you could disable the crappy motion controls!!!!

I have experience with tons of other games, and my bread and butter is coop/multiplayer rpgs! Anything from Everquest to Destiny, I've probably tried it in some capacity.