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I am writing this to apply for an account on this wiki as I am a regular player of Pokemon Revolution Online. I frequently use this wiki for information and reference and I think it is a fantastic source that all should use alongside playing the game. However as I browse on the wiki and try and search multiple things, I sometimes notice that there are many aspects of Pokemon that are not included on the wiki, such as many Pokemon, various moves and so on so forth. I would like to try my best to contribute to this wiki many things that I see that are absent. For example, just to name one there is Makuhita, no page on him or his evolution's, descriptions and move set exist apart from his name appearing on some lists like fighting type Pokemon lists. I know it is not very plausible to add every description and content of each Pokemon as it is a vast game with a lot of content, I simply want to do my part in contributing whatever information I find on the game to the wiki which is as accurate as possible from inside the game itself to outside the game, with my ever growing knowledge. I understand that many things may be altered from in PRO as compared to other games and that is why I am not here to simply copy and paste from Bulbapedia for example, if I were accepted I would look forward to extensively experiencing and acquiring knowledge from the game as I progress and applying that knowledge and information to the wiki in a coherent and responsible manner for people who use the wiki to see. I deeply appreciate the work already done on this wiki and on the game and I ask that I am given a chance to improve, add and contribute to the ever growing community of Pokemon Revolution Online! Thanks for your time reading this application. Also there is no option for me to include my real name, only my username so if my real name is needed please contact me!