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{{ITS|Item=Xerneas Mount|Price=500}}
{{ITS|Item=Xerneas Mount|Price=500}}
{{ITS|Item=Yveltal Mount|Price=500}}
{{ITS|Item=Yveltal Mount|Price=500}}
{{ITS|Item=Shaymin-Sky Mount|Price=500}}
{{ITS|Item=Black Jet Ski|Price=300}}
{{ITS|Item=Black Jet Ski|Price=300}}
{{ITS|Item=Brown Jet Ski|Price=300}}
{{ITS|Item=Brown Jet Ski|Price=300}}

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Kanto's iterative PvP Coin Master in Vermilion City.

PvP Coins are the exchangeable currency of the shops purveyed by PvP Coin Masters.

The obtention of these coins is governed by one's success in ranked PvP battles; concordantly, the shops sell various battle items that are considered agential for PvP, in addition to Legendary Pokémon Mounts and prestigious apparel.

Accruing PvP Coins

Main article: Ranked PvP

Ranked-PvP participants will reap PvP Coins at the end of each PvP season, fertilized by one's PvP Points accrual.

One PvP Coin is gained per ranked win; additionally, the uppermost-ranked players in a PvP season are variably rewarded an amount of Coins, which effectuates at the season's official conclusion.

Your current count of PvP Coins is checkable via your trainer-info card, in addition to the catalogic menu of the PvP Coin Masters.

PvP Coin Masters


All PvP Coin Masters are catalogically immutable in what they sell; their only variability is where they are stationed. One is stationed per mainland region, as outlined below.


All items tabulated in each subcategory below are sold in the following quantitative variants: 1, 5, 10, 20, and as many as are presently affordable to the buyer.


Red PvP Cloak.pngRed PvP Cloak250
Yellow PvP Cloak.pngYellow PvP Cloak250
Teal PvP Cloak.pngTeal PvP Cloak250
Purple PvP Cloak.pngPurple PvP Cloak250
Orange PvP Cloak.pngOrange PvP Cloak250
Pangoro Cloak.pngPangoro Cloak250
Champion Cloak.pngChampion Cloak500
Aqua Diva Dress.pngAqua Diva Dress100
Fuchsia Diva Dress.pngFuchsia Diva Dress100
Silver Diva Dress.pngSilver Diva Dress100
Blue Punk Jacket.pngBlue Punk Jacket100
Gold Punk Jacket.pngGold Punk Jacket100
Red Punk Jacket.pngRed Punk Jacket100

  • PvP Coins are the currency of this shop.


Red PvP Hood.pngRed PvP Hood100
Yellow PvP Hood.pngYellow PvP Hood100
Teal PvP Hood.pngTeal PvP Hood100
Purple PvP Hood.pngPurple PvP Hood100
Orange PvP Hood.pngOrange PvP Hood100
Pangoro Hat.pngPangoro Hat100
Champion Crown.pngChampion Crown250

  • PvP Coins are the currency of this shop.


Articuno Mount.pngArticuno Mount500
Moltres Mount.pngMoltres Mount500
Zapdos Mount.pngZapdos Mount500
Entei Mount.pngEntei Mount500
Raikou Mount.pngRaikou Mount500
Suicune Mount.pngSuicune Mount500
Kyogre Mount.pngKyogre Mount500
Pink Ninetales Mount.pngPink Ninetales Mount500
Black Absol Mount.pngBlack Absol Mount500
Xerneas Mount.pngXerneas Mount500
Yveltal Mount.pngYveltal Mount500
Shaymin-Sky Mount.pngShaymin-Sky Mount500
Black Jet Ski.pngBlack Jet Ski300
Brown Jet Ski.pngBrown Jet Ski300
Dark-Blue Jet Ski.pngDark-Blue Jet Ski300
Dark-Green Jet Ski.pngDark-Green Jet Ski300

  • PvP Coins are the currency of this shop.

In-battle items

Air Balloon.pngAir Balloon1
Focus Sash.pngFocus Sash1
Power Herb.pngPower Herb1
Weakness Policy.pngWeakness Policy1
White Herb.pngWhite Herb1
Master Ball.pngMaster Ball10
Assault Vest.pngAssault Vest50
Choice Band.pngChoice Band50
Choice Scarf.pngChoice Scarf50
Choice Specs.pngChoice Specs50
Flame Orb.pngFlame Orb50
Life Orb.pngLife Orb50
Muscle Band.pngMuscle Band50
Quick Claw.pngQuick Claw50
Rocky Helmet.pngRocky Helmet50
Scope Lens.pngScope Lens50
Shed Shell.pngShed Shell50
Toxic Orb.pngToxic Orb50
Wide Lens.pngWide Lens50

  • PvP Coins are the currency of this shop.

Evolutionary items

Metal Coat.pngMetal Coat5
King's Rock.pngKing's Rock5

  • PvP Coins are the currency of this shop.


Nature Reroll Ticket.pngNature Reroll Ticket75
Reroll Ticket.pngReroll Ticket150

  • PvP Coins are the currency of this shop.