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PRO Wiki respects its users' collective privacies, as the protection of any personal data collected hereon is paramount to it.

Part of your privacy rights include knowing what data of yours is submitted to us, our safeguards against its disclosure, and our potential usage thereof; all of it is delineated in our privacy policy below.

What Personal Data is Collected?

Only the minimal amount of personal data that is essential for your chosen level of usership is submitted hereto; all of that personal data is defined below.

IP Addresses

IP addresses are automatically submitted to all computer-network servers automatically through the Internet Protocol (the abbreviating phrase of 'IP'); this website is no exception to that protocol. This is used as the native identifier of the person/people connecting from its routed ISP.

IP addresses of all visitors are automatically retrieved and logged in a database table, which is periodically purged; however, they will never be made publicly viewable.

Email Addresses

If you choose to register an account here, you will be prompted to submit an account-associated email address; this is necessitated for confirmatory purposes, as email addresses are used as fallback tools in the contingencies of account-recovery needs or other verificatory needs. Your email address is not publicly displayed and is only viewable by PRO Wiki Administrators.

You can also use any email address of your choosing; this means that you can use pseudonymous and throwaway email accounts, as opposed to your more personal one. Whichever one you elect to use, we only require that it is a stably functional one for the case of your initial account verification and any residual need for account-recovery and/or contactual purposes.


For another layer of account-verification credentialing, a password is required for all registered users; this is needed strictly for the purpose of logging in. Only the select-few individuals with access to the host can view passwords in the database, and they are not viewable in plain text; they are encrypted, meaning that they would not be human-readable in the highly unlikely plight that our database ended up leaked to unauthorized users.

This website may also store cookies in your browser; these are used for more seamlessly functionality on your web-browser, such as a cached password that helps the website remain retentive of your log-in. These cookies may potentially allow anyone using the web-browser on your computer to access your account without verifiying signing into it; however, you also have the option to clear these cookies and disable them from being registered.


For a less proximate layer of identificatory purposes, you will need to register a display name—more colloquially known as a username. These will become displayable in our user-lists, and they'll be viewable in any contributory logs—recent changes, file-uploading, revisory history of pages, and so forth.

Who Has Access to This Personal Data?


As the host of PRO Wiki, SiteGround inherits root access to this website's web-server and the database that houses your personal information; however, by ethical constraints of their own privacy policy, they shall not contravene the terms delineated in the PRO Wiki privacy policy.


Depending on group-rights configurations, PRO Wiki Administrators may be endowed access to your personal information; however, their latitude of usage will also be confined to this privacy policy.

How the Data May Be Used

We pledge that barring any extreme circumstances, we will not divulge any of your personal data without your consent. We are disinterested in it; we mainly seek it for identificatory purposes where needed, and we will not use it unethically.

These are the only caveats wherein your personal information may be used outside of the scope of PRO Wiki.

Contacting You

If we feel it is a needful next-resort avenue, we may occasionally use your email address to contact you outside of this website. We will, however, only do so as it pertains to website issues and will not reveal your email address outside of the select-few staff with vouchsafed access to it.

Legal Reasons

In the highly unlikely contingency that legal authorities request your personal information from us on legal grounds, we may be obliged to forward your IP address to them in order for them to contact your ISP and eventually you.

Pokémon Revolution Online Staff

As a supportive resource of Pokémon Revolution Online, we may seldom forward your personal information to their staff if it is either needed as circumstantial evidence for potential breaches of their Terms of Service or if there has been an extremity of abuse on PRO Wiki that we feel is actionable enough to warrant potential in-game punishments.

In this rare contingency, Pokémon Revolution Online's staff will also be bound by [their own privacy policy] for usage of any of your personal data obtained from PRO Wiki.


Although we will do all precautionary measures that we can to safeguard your personal information, the onus is also on you as a user to take your own counterdisclosure steps; as such, we can not claim responsibility for the following:

External Websites

Whenever you visit a website accessed from an external link herein, you will not be within the purview of PRO Wiki's own privacy policy; you will be bound by the website's own privacy policy, which you are advised to be heedful of as you use it.

Publicly Posted Information

We claim no responsibility for any potentially personal content that you post when submitting edits to pages here; this includes but isn't limited to: your display name, your personal user page, content pages, files uploaded and appended summaries thereof, and so forth. All your edits are identifiably visible to PRO Wiki-users; we will not change that, so be mindful of what you post.

Concerns and Changes

If you feel that these terms are not acceptably ethical or if they are being contravened, you are advised to contact Naero—the head manager of PRO Wiki—regardingly. One medium to contact us at is our local email address in

This privacy policy is subject to change, but we do not anticipate that any major revamps will take place. Registered users can also keep notifiable tabs on any potential changes by adding it to their watchlist.