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Pinkan Island - Kanto


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Pinkan Island is an extra island that can be accessed from the Pinkan Island Sailor in Vermilion City. There is however a quest which first part needs to be completed to gain entry to the island; the quest will continue and end in the island itself.

Pinkan Island is known only for its one unique feature. Every Pokémon that can appear on the island has a 1/1500 chance of being a Pink Pokémon, making it a popular hunting ground.

Entry condition

Main article: Pinkan Island (quest)

In order to gain entry to Pinkan Island, it is necessary to complete the first part of the Pinkan Island quest. Starting it requires the player to have completed the Hoenn Elite Four, as well as to have accumulated at least 250 hours of playtime.

The quest starts by talking to Officer Jenny at Vermilion City, and will have the player chase Butch and Cassidy through a few areas of Kanto. Once the duo has been defeated. Officer Jenny will allow the player in the island.


Main Activities

Pinkan Island Quest

Main article: Pinkan Island (quest)

The second half of the quest happens on the island itself. Until the quest has been fully completed, the player will be prevented from catching any wild Pokémon on the island.

The second part will have the player go through Pinkan Island Forest and Pinkan Island Cliff and chase away Team Rocket by battling them. However, one their leader have been defeated, the quest does not end there.

Once Team Rocket has been chased away from the island, the player will be blocked away from hunting grounds. To regain entry, it will be necessary to train a Scyther and an Electabuzz to level 90 or more, as well as bring their happiness to the maximum, 255. Once those two have been forfeited to the Pinkan Ranger in Pinkan City, the quest will truely be completed, and the player will be able to start hunting Pink Pokemons.

Pink Pokemons

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After the Pinkan Island quest has been fully completed, the player will be able to start capturing Pokémons on the island.

Every wild Pokémon on the island has a 1/1500 chance of being a Pink variation. A Pokémon cannot be both shiny and pink.