Petalburg Woods

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Petalburg Woods - Hoenn



Land Pokémon

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Battleable NPCs
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Contiguous areas

Route 104
Petalburg Woods
Route 104

Petalburg Woods is a Hoenn forest that splits Route 104 into two halves. Going north, the path appears to zig-zag, but going south, there are ledges that allow reaching the other end quickly. The forest is notable for its gatherable mushrooms, which result in a quick gain of money.

An eastern part is blocked off by Cut trees. In that area is located the entrance to Petalburg Maze, the Hoenn equivalent of the Viridian Maze, although it will be of little interest to beginners in the region.

Notable miscellanies

Maqua encounter

A Magma grunt will be blocking the path just like in the original games, which must be fought in order to pass. However, upon defeating her, she will call a reinforcement, and next will be an Aqua grunt that must be fought, revealing cooperation between the two groups.

After defeating both of them, the scientist will reward the player with a Great Ball and leave.


Scattered around the forest are a total of 8 mushrooms that can be harvested. These look like normal mushrooms, with the difference that they cannot be stepped on. Each mushroom will reward the player with a random amount of between 1 and 6 Tiny Mushrooms, making it an excellent location for a quick gain of money.

Each mushroom will have a Cooldown of 14 days. However, if the player has a Paras or a Parasect and chooses to harvest the mushrooms using them, will boost the amount you get next time.

Gunk Shot Tutor

A Move Tutor for the move Gunk Shot is located directly east of the northern exit, beyond the Cut trees. He will teach the move to any compatible Pokémon for the price of PokémonDollar.png9,000.

Petalburg Maze

Just like the Viridian Forest, Petalburg Forest also has its own maze. Its entrance is on the eastern side, which will require Cut to reach. The maze itself being in the dark, bringing Flash is also recommended.

The maze is however of very little interest for a beginner in the Hoenn region; its rewards include EV-reducing berries and one of the possible locations of Latios.

Main article: Petalburg Maze

Wild Pokémon


PokémonLevel rangeTimesHeld ItemRarity Tier
268Icon.png Cascoon 5-7 Morning Day Night 2
546Icon.png Cottonee 10-13 Morning Day Night 8
16Icon.png Pidgey 5-7 Morning Day Night 1
285Icon.png Shroomish 5-7 Morning Day Night Big Mushroom 6
266Icon.png Silcoon 5-7 Morning Day Night 2
287Icon.png Slakoth 5-7 Morning Day Night 6
276Icon.png Taillow 5-7 Morning Day Night Sitrus Berry 3
252Icon.png Treecko 5-7 Morning Day Night 8
265Icon.png Wurmple 5-7 Morning Day Night 1

Pink-colored names denote that this Pokémon is exclusively encounterable for members in this area.

Headbuttable Trees

Headbuttable Tree.png
Pokémon LevelsRarity Tier
331Icon.png Cacnea 5-7 Common
265Icon.png Wurmple 5-7 Common
314Icon.png Illumise 5-7 Common
276Icon.png Taillow 5-7 Common
204Icon.png Pineco 5-7 Intermediate
285Icon.png Shroomish 5-7 Rare


Pokéball.png Pokeball 1 Not respawnable Before the second ledge to jump from the north entrance.
Paralyze Heal.png Paralyze Heal 1 5 days In a corner of the main map, south-west from the north entrance.
Potion.png Potion 1 5 days Hidden item. On one of the two large grey mushrooms in the south-eastmost patch of grass.
Ether.png Ether 1 8 days Hidden item. On the tree immediately west of Camper Freddy in the north-west corner of the forest.

NPC Trainers

Petalburg Woods Trainers
Camper Jimmy
Lv. 3
Lv. 3
Lv. 3
Lv. 3
Magma Grunt (girl).png
Magma Grunt
Lv. 9

Notes: This trainer cannot be rechallenged. She must be fought to progress further.

Aqua Grunt (boy).png
Aqua Grunt
Lv. 9

Notes: This trainer cannot be rechallenged. He must be fought to progress further.

Camper Freddy
Lv. 6
Lv. 6

All NPCs cool down after 7 days unless noted contrariwise.