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Officer Jenny (boss)

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Officer Jenny
Officer Jenny boss NPC.png
LocationPinkan Island (Pinkan Lighthouse 2F)
Cooldown Time12 days
Dates ActiveFebruary 18, 2017—present
Basic Requirements

"Do you fancy a battle with me, perhaps? ... All right; I will not hold back!"

—Officer Jenny

Officer Jenny is a boss NPC that is stationed on Pinkan Island.

With the spiritual advent of the eponymous character, who was first ushered in the game in conjunction with Pinkan Island's release, her boss NPC was also conceptualized for her conjunctive island, here.

Challenging Officer Jenny

To challenge Officer Jenny, you must access Pinkan Island, firstly; a corollary requirement of this is Hoenn-league championship, since the preliminary quest to enter the aforementioned island is not progressible without it.

Once Pinkan Island's questwork has been partially completed, Officer Jenny will become sightable—and thus interactable—on Pinkan Lighthouse 2F.

With at least 400 hours of playtime—one of the loftier playtime-hour requirements stipulated for bosses—and an invariably level-100 on-hand lineup of Pokémon, Officer Jenny will be challengable.

If you lose, you must wait for 12 days to elapse before she is rechallengable.


Officer Jenny's Lineup
Officer Jenny.png
Random Random None
Random Random None
Random Random None
Random Random None
Random Random None
Random Random None
  • Emboldened moves avail from a STAB bonus when deployed by that Pokémon.
  • Italicized moves are functionally broken; see their individualized pages for more information.


The initialized prizeset will be from a randomized bevy of evolutionary items; however, upon defeating her three-consecutive times, you will be allowed to select a supplementary prize in addition to automatically reaping one of the initial prizes—specifically Pokémon that are not standardly rewardable, otherwise.

All the selectable Pokémon prizes have a chance of shininess, which is 1/4,096 in fractional notation (0.0244%, in percental notation).

All rewarded Pokémon will be initialized at level 15.

Randomized subset


Sun Stone.png Sun Stone 1
Dawn Stone.png Dawn Stone 1
Moon Stone.png Moon Stone 1
Shiny Stone.png Shiny Stone 1
Electirizer.png Electirizer 1
Magmarizer.png Magmarizer 1
Air Balloon.png Air Balloon 5
Rare Candy.png Rare Candy 3
Security Cap.png Security Cap 1
Security Uniform.png Security Uniform 1


Spinarak, if rewarded, will invariably be shiny.

Pokédex NumberPokémonType 1Type 2Rarity TierHeld Item
#167 167Icon.png Spinarak Bug Poison 1
#527 527Icon.png Woobat Psychic Flying 8

Three-consecutive wins

After reaping a randomized reward from the standard prizeset, you will also be prompted to select one of these Pokémon as an additional reward.

Pokédex NumberPokémonType 1Type 2Rarity TierHeld Item
#712 712Icon.png Bergmite Ice 10
#309 309Icon.png Electrike Electric 6
#422 422Icon.png Shellos Water 7
#403 403Icon.png Shinx Electric 8
#527 527Icon.png Woobat Psychic Flying 8