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National Park - Johto



Land Pokémon

Average levels


Battleable NPCs
Ground-lootable items
Berry trees

Contiguous areas

National Park Route 36
Route 35

National Park is a Johto park that is adjacent to Route 35 and Route 36. Its main, and only attraction is the daily Bug Catching Contest in which the player and NPCs compete for who can catch the best bug. Because of its great rewards, it is a location that is often visited.

Notable miscellanies

Bug Catching Contest

Main article: Bug Catching Area

The main attraction of the National Park is its Bug Catching Contest. Once every day, the player can enter the contest, in which he or she competes against several NPCs for who can catch the best bug within 20 minutes. On top of the entry being free, the rewards are also very diverse and usually excellent, making it one of the best daily activities.

Moving Pokecenter

Inside the south stop house, a Moving Pokecenter Agent will take the player to a very small room called Moving Pokecenter. Despite it lack of esthetics, this location has the main features of a regular Pokecenter; A Nurse Joy that will heal the player's Pokémon, a PC to deposit and withdraw Pokémons, as well as the ability to trade and enter PvP matches while inside this room. This is most particularly an excellent location to prepare for the Bug Catching Contest.

Move Tutors

X-Scissor Tutor

A Move tutor for the move X-Scissor can be found at the very end of the path behind the fence that starts east of the south gate. He will teach the move to any compatible Pokémon for the price of PokémonDollar.png15,000.

Signal Beam Tutor

A Move tutor for the move Signal Beam can be found in the path north-east, beyond the fence. He will teach the move to any compatible Pokémon for the price of PokémonDollar.png8,000.

Quick Claw

Tess, the lass with a Persian close to the south gate, will give the player a Quick Claw simply for talking to her. She will disappear afterwards, making it a one-time reward.

Wild Pokémon

PokémonLevel rangeTimesHeld ItemRarity Tier
406Icon.png Budew 15-19 Morning Poison Barb 5
10Icon.png Caterpie 10-14 Morning Day 1
421Icon.png Cherrim 10-14 Morning Day Night Tamato Berry 5
632Icon.png Durant 15-19 Night 8
214Icon.png Heracross 15-19 Day 9
14Icon.png Kakuna 10-14 Morning Day 2
11Icon.png Metapod 10-14 Morning Day 2
312Icon.png Minun 6-12 Morning Day Night 6
16Icon.png Pidgey 10-14 Morning Day 1
204Icon.png Pineco 10-14 Morning Day Night 8
311Icon.png Plusle 10-14 Morning Day Night 6
161Icon.png Sentret 10-14 Morning Night 2
540Icon.png Sewaddle 10-14 Day 8
21Icon.png Spearow 10-14 Morning Night Sharp Beak 1
191Icon.png Sunkern 10-14 Day Sitrus Berry 1
13Icon.png Weedle 10-14 Morning Night 1

Pink-colored names denote that this Pokémon is exclusively encounterable for members in this area.


Lootable items

Super Potion.png Super Potion 1 Not respawnable Hidden item. On a stomp at the end of a path beyond the fences north-east, next to the Signal Beam tutor.
TM-Ground.png TM28 - Dig 1 Not respawnable Hidden item. Go behind the fence opening in north-east, follow the west path all the way south-west until another split path, the item will be on a tree at the end of the western path.
Full Heal.png Full Heal 1 Not respawnable Hidden item. From the south gate, go behind the fence east, then all the way north. The item is on the orange flower before turning west.
Soothe Bell.png Soothe Bell 1 Not respawnable Hidden item. On the large bush directly west from Pokefan William in the northern part.


Pokéstop Agent.png
Required badge:Fog Badge
Great Ball.pngGreat Ball
Super Potion.pngSuper Potion
Super Repel.pngSuper Repel
Full Heal.pngFull Heal
Rare Candy.pngRare Candy
PP Up.pngPP Up

NPC Trainers

National Park Trainers
Poke Fan (girl).png
Poke Fan Beverly
Lv. 17
School Kid.png
School Kid Jack
Lv. 17
Lv. 17
Crazy Cat Lady.png
Crazy Cat Lady
Lv. ??
Lv. ??
Lv. ??
Gentleman John
Lv. 16
Lv. 17
Lv. 18
Pokefan (cue Ball).png
Pokefan William
Lv. 18
Lady Randall
Lv. 16
Lv. 15
Lv. 18

All NPCs cool down after 7 days unless noted contrariwise.