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While Pokémon Revolution Online's gameplay has substantial carryover from the official single-player games and is featurefully developed overall, it has many primordial discrepancies from the handheld games; much of it is attributable to missing and incomplete features. As a fan-made, volunteeristic, MMO-geared iteration of the Pokémon franchise, it naturally has its contradistinctions from the official single-player games—be it out of eschewal of features that the staff and community feel would undermine the MMO complexion of the game intended, or out of developmental incompletions of features that are planned but remain to be wholly implemented.

Missing features are subsumed into two sectionally overarching categories: planned and eschewed. Planned features are ones that staff are receptive to but have not yet been materialized, whereas eschewed features have been deliberately disconsidered by the staff for what they deem to be in the best interest of the game and economy's balance; the rationales for them will be expounded on below.


These features—while commonly expected because of their existence in other MMOs and the single-player Pokémon games, themselves—have been deliberately ruled out by PRO's staff. Rationales for these eschewals commonly stem from misgivings about their impact on this MMO's economy and community, as well as potentially destabilizing effects of them if they were to be added to the precarious server-coding core that was architected for them.

These features are either not negotiable or unlikely to be implemented without drastic trade-offs, as they are maladaptive to an MMO environment and are not considered indispensable for the spirit of Pokémon games.

For official staff confirmation on denied features, refer to this forums thread.

As one of the many features that would be transmodally detrimental if it were to carry over from a single-player environment to an MMO one, breeding has ruled out.

While Egg Moves are still inheritable via move-tutors and baby-stage Pokémon are still obtainable by non-hereditary means, the interparental dynamics and reproducibility of Pokémon is not implemented, nor is it planned to be. Because of all the rare and statistically consummate Pokémon that would be redoubled by breeding, the consensually overwhelming stance is that breeding would undermine the economy detrimentally, inflating the supply of enviable Pokémon in circulation and ultimately undercutting much of the rigor invested into hunting for them by collectors.

iOS compatibility

While PRO is mobily playable on Android, it is not iPhone-compatible; there are no solidifiable plans for it to be, either.

Due to RAM deficiencies of the platform, it would not be accommodably playable since the devices typically do not meet the quantum of RAM recommended to play PRO optimally; paramountly, as a copyright-infringed game, it would be obtrude more legal ramifications to the game if it were to be publicized on Apple's App Store.


Pokémon-nicknaming is currently not planned because of the potentially rampant inappropriacy of nicknames customized by the Pokémon-owners, which would problematize the transgression of inappropriate display names even further. If Pokémon-nicknaming were to be implemented, it would entail drastic compromises, as the public displayability of customizable nicknames is not negotiable.

Running shoes
Since you already walk at 1.5x the speed of the handheld games, any intermediate continuum between that and Bicycles and Pokémon Mounts (2x the speed) would be considered negligible enough that running shoes would not be an appreciable upgrade from walking.


While these features are confirmatively intended to exist in the game eventually, they remain to be implemented; that typically is ascribable to activity constraints on the Developer's part or because there is no feasible wherewithal to implement them at this point in time. There is no determinacy as to when they will be implemented, but inclusionary plans for them are confirmed to be on the Developers' priority queue.

For official staff confirmation on planned features, refer to [1].

They are abstracted into two subcategories, hereunder: inexistent and incomplete.


Inexistent features are planned but do not have even a primitive state of released development on them. These are not bugs; they are just sheerly missing features.

These typically are frills that have not been prioritized primally enough to have been implemented at this stage since they are considered relatively inessential; however, they are planned to be integrated in the game with due course.

Guild bases
While there is a fair coalescence of tangible benefits to be attained from joining guilds, many consider them to be relatively featureless; much of those underpinnings center around the fact that guild bases have not yet been implemented for them.

Guild bases remain at the fulcrum of expansionary developments planned for guilds in the future, but they currently have no foundation in the game at this time.


Currently, double- and triple-battles are not fieldable; whether it is a PvP or NPC battle, they can only be conducted through single-battling. By extension, none of the multi-battle-specific move techniques are functionable.

Auction House

While this was a feature that was added to the Eschewed category, it is being discussed among the staff members at the moment. However, it doesn't figure high on the priority list of the Developer. Trading is only transactable by converging in Pokémon Centers and transference of the mailbox system at the moment.

Due to limitative scalability on the server's end and the multiplexity that would be entailed to implement multi-battling in it, it is not expected that double- and triple-battling will ever be available in PRO.


Incomplete features have a perceptible form of existence in the game at this time but are missing integral subcomponents of them. Their developments are planned to be finalized in the future, but it is indeterminable as to when this can be done.

Abilities and moves
Various componential aspects of the battle-system development remain incomplete, namely centering around move techniques and abilities. While the more ubiquitously possessable, mechanically basic moves and abilities are functionally implemented, many of the more multiplex ones remain to be implemented—mainly because they are too scarcely usable among Pokémon species and/or because they are infeasible to develop that they have not been hastily prioritized by Developers yet.

While some are not expected to be functionalized at all due to poor server scalability on the server's end, the Developers do plan to continue adding in more progressively where they are feasible and highly demanded by battlers.

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