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Element Type
Statistical Attributes
Base Power

Memento is a Dark type, Status move. It causes the user to faint, but lowers the Attack and Special Attack of the foe by 2 stages


Level Up

No.PokémonType 1Type 2Level
088 88Icon.png Grimer Poison 48
88A 88AIcon.png Alolan Grimer Poison Dark 48
089 89Icon.png Muk Poison 57
89A 89AIcon.png Alolan Muk Poison Dark 57
109 109Icon.png Koffing Poison 45
110 110Icon.png Weezing Poison 57
187 187Icon.png Hoppip Grass Flying 49
188 188Icon.png Skiploom Grass Flying 60
189 189Icon.png Jumpluff Grass Flying 69
381 381Icon.png Latios Dragon Psychic 61
434 434Icon.png Stunky Poison Dark 33
435 435Icon.png Skuntank Poison Dark 33
442 442Icon.png Spiritomb Ghost Dark 43
480 480Icon.png Uxie Psychic 76
607 607Icon.png Litwick Ghost Fire 33
608 608Icon.png Lampent Ghost Fire 33

Emboldened Pokémon avail from a STAB bonus for this move.

Egg Moves

No.PokémonType 1Type 2
050 50Icon.png Diglett Ground
50A 50AIcon.png Alolan Diglett Ground Steel
051 51Icon.png Dugtrio Ground
51A 51AIcon.png Alolan Dugtrio Ground Steel
200 200Icon.png Misdreavus Ghost
218 218Icon.png Slugma Fire
219 219Icon.png Magcargo Fire Rock
280 280Icon.png Ralts Psychic Fairy
281 281Icon.png Kirlia Psychic Fairy
282 282Icon.png Gardevoir Psychic Fairy
355 355Icon.png Duskull Ghost
356 356Icon.png Dusclops Ghost
422 422Icon.png Shellos Water
423 423Icon.png Gastrodon Water Ground
425 425Icon.png Drifloon Ghost Flying
426 426Icon.png Drifblim Ghost Flying
429 429Icon.png Mismagius Ghost
475 475Icon.png Gallade Psychic Fighting
477 477Icon.png Dusknoir Ghost
546 546Icon.png Cottonee Grass Fairy
547 547Icon.png Whimsicott Grass Fairy
562 562Icon.png Yamask Ghost
563 563Icon.png Cofagrigus Ghost
570 570Icon.png Zorua Dark
571 571Icon.png Zoroark Dark

Emboldened Pokémon avail from a STAB bonus for this move.