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Welcome to the official Pokémon Revolution Online wiki!

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What is the PRO Wiki?

In order to answer that, let's give a definitional overview of the word 'wiki:' an encyclopedic website that is collaboratively editable by its own users; as such, it is built as an exhaustive source of information as it pertains to its project—in this case, the Pokémon MMO in PRO (Pokémon Revolution Online), more obviously.

As what is putatively the best informational-resource medium, wikis have been specialistically developed for virtually every studiable franchise, be it a movie, game, T.V. series, and so forth; PRO's community has agreed that the aforementioned Pokémon MMO should be no exception to that practice, and this wiki strives to be the most comprehensive, up-to-date resource for it.

For the Pokémon enthusiasts that this community is teeming with, perhaps Bulbapedia—the premier Pokémon-centric wiki since its inception—is the most well-familiarized example. As a game that is substantially predicated around the official Pokémon games, it's already widely consulted by users given all the veracious overlap between the game data of the official games and the data that was inherited by PRO. Indeed, it is not bound to be adequately supplanted as a general-Pokémon wiki, but that is not our goal; our crosshairs are set on becoming the most exhaustively developed PRO-specialized wiki, which is out of Bulbapedia's purview. You may be able to dependably glean move-technique data from Bulbapedia (as it pertains to PRO's generational mechanics), for example; but it won't cover the more PRO-specific data, such as the game's own quests.

This wiki has the seeds to blossom into the best informational resource of Pokémon Revolution Online; the onus is on us as editors to cultivate them through rigorous content development, scrutinous maintenance and fact-checking, and continuously updating it—an endeavor that is more than doable with collective, cohesive efforts.

Why is this the best informational resource?

That is a contingent question; the superlativity of a resource depends not just on the instrumentality of its environment but also the content of it. Just like every other PRO-centric resource that may exist, PRO Wiki is subjected to the continual task of ensuring that its content is all-encompassing, factual, up-to-date, and presentation-friendly for its readers; as such, there is no guarantee that it'll consistently be the most dependable resource for every aspect of the game, depending on whether or not there is informational lag behind other resources.

What makes it the most conducive medium to be the best, however, is a much more answerable question.

Forums guides and in-game data-fetching resources (namely the Pokédex) have been resourceful in their own rights and have been greatly informative to this community from the outset, but the overwhelming consensus is that they pale in comparison to the navigator-friendliness, organizational structure and full-scale capacity of a thoroughly developed, up-to-date wiki.

Ever heard of the three-click rule—the customarily practiced rule that no more than a few clicks should be needed to find what you're searching for within a website? Through a combination of content-comprehensive formats of wiki pages, handily searchable articles, page-interlinking, and so forth, no resource allows you to navigate through and find information as seamlessly as wikis. On top of it all, the collaborative editability of wikis furnishes enough manpower to ensure that this motif will be maintained to these standards on the wiki.

Simply put, no medium is better-built to be an encyclopedia than a wiki, and no resource paradigm is more comprehensive on a specific subject than an encyclopedia.