Levitate (ability)

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Levitate is one of the many abilities that are inheritable by Pokémon.

Most of its inheritees are monogentic ability-possessors, as Levitate is the only inheritable ability of theirs.


Levitate immunizes its possessor to any surficial damage that it would have sustained, otherwise; this includes all Ground-type attacks, entry hazards, such as Spikes, and other moves that strictly affect grounded Pokémon, such as Arena Trap.

Its immunities are deneutralized if the move Gravity is successfully inflicted on the possessor. Additionally, ability-neutralizers, such as Gastro Acid and Mold Breaker, will nullify its immunity.


Predominant ability

# No.PokémonType 1Type 2Ability 1Ability 2Hidden Ability
92 92Icon.png Gastly Ghost Poison Levitate
93 93Icon.png Haunter Ghost Poison Levitate
109 109Icon.png Koffing Poison Levitate
110 110Icon.png Weezing Poison Levitate
200 200Icon.png Misdreavus Ghost Levitate
201 201Icon.png Unown Psychic Levitate
329 329Icon.png Vibrava Ground Dragon Levitate
330 330Icon.png Flygon Ground Dragon Levitate
337 337Icon.png Lunatone Rock Psychic Levitate
338 338Icon.png Solrock Rock Psychic Levitate
343 343Icon.png Baltoy Ground Psychic Levitate
344 344Icon.png Claydol Ground Psychic Levitate
355 355Icon.png Duskull Ghost Levitate Frisk
358 358Icon.png Chimecho Psychic Levitate
380 380Icon.png Latias Dragon Psychic Levitate
381 381Icon.png Latios Dragon Psychic Levitate
429 429Icon.png Mismagius Ghost Levitate
433 433Icon.png Chingling Psychic Levitate
436 436Icon.png Bronzor Steel Psychic Levitate Heatproof Heavy Metal
437 437Icon.png Bronzong Steel Psychic Levitate Heatproof Heavy Metal
455 455Icon.png Carnivine Grass Levitate
479 479Icon.png Rotom Electric Levitate
479A 479AIcon.png Rotom-Wash Electric Water Levitate
479B 479BIcon.png Rotom-Heat Electric Fire Levitate
479C 479CIcon.png Rotom-Frost Electric Ice Levitate
479D 479DIcon.png Rotom-Fan Electric Flying Levitate
479E 479EIcon.png Rotom-Mow Electric Grass Levitate
480 480Icon.png Uxie Psychic Levitate
481 481Icon.png Mesprit Psychic Levitate
482 482Icon.png Azelf Psychic Levitate
488 488Icon.png Cresselia Psychic Levitate
602 602Icon.png Tynamo Electric Levitate
603 603Icon.png Eelektrik Electric Levitate
604 604Icon.png Eelektross Electric Levitate
615 615Icon.png Cryogonal Ice Levitate
635 635Icon.png Hydreigon Dark Dragon Levitate
738 738Icon.png Vikavolt Bug Electric Levitate