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Legendary Pokémon

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Legendary Pokémon and Mythical Pokémon refers to a group of Pokémon which are unique and usually more powerful compared to other Pokémon. Those group of Pokémon are only catchable once, with the exception of Phione and need some special requirements to be able to be caught. Legendary and Mythical Pokémon are in PRO not clearly differentiateable and Mythical Pokémon are often colloquial termed as legendaries.

Fundamental Facts

• Legendary and Mythical Pokémon are shiny-locked at their spawns.

• They are only catchable once with the exception of Phione.

• These Pokémon are the only type of Pokémon whose Individual Values and Nature can be rerolled with the help of Reroll Tickets and Nature Reroll Tickets.

• Unlike other Pokémon, Legendary and Mythical Pokémon can not be traded to other players.

• Currently, not all Legendary and Mythical Pokémon are catchable in PRO.


Currently catchable

Legendary Pokémon
No. Name Quest
144 144Icon.png Articuno Legendary Birds Quest
145 145Icon.png Zapdos Legendary Birds Quest
146 146Icon.png Moltres Legendary Birds Quest
243 243Icon.png Raikou Legendary Beasts Quest
244 244Icon.png Entei Legendary Beasts Quest
245 245Icon.png Suicune Legendary Beasts Quest
377 377Icon.png Regirock Legendary Titans Quest
378 378Icon.png Regice Legendary Titans Quest
379 379Icon.png Registeel Legendary Titans Quest
380 380Icon.png Latias Latios & Latias quest
381 381Icon.png Latios Latios & Latias quest
480 480Icon.png Uxie Lake Trio Quest
481 481Icon.png Mesprit Lake Trio Quest
482 482Icon.png Azelf Lake Trio Quest
485 485Icon.png Heatran Heatran Quest
488 488Icon.png Cresselia Cresselia Quest
646 646Icon.png Kyurem Kyurem Quest

Mythical Pokémon
No. Name Quest
151 151Icon.png Mew Mew quest
251 251Icon.png Celebi Celebi quest
385 385Icon.png Jirachi Jirachi quest
489 489Icon.png Phione Phione quest
490 490Icon.png Manaphy Manaphy quest
649 649Icon.png Genesect Genesect quest
  • All emboldened Pokémon are only catchable at certain events

Special Events

Mythical Pokémon
No. Name Quest
491 491Icon.png Darkrai Darkrai quest
492 492Icon.png Shaymin Shaymin quest

Currently not catchable

Legendary Pokémon
No. Name
150 150Icon.png Mewtwo
249 249Icon.png Lugia
250 250Icon.png Ho-Oh
382 382Icon.png Kyogre
383 383Icon.png Groudon
384 384Icon.png Rayquaza
483 483Icon.png Dialga
484 484Icon.png Palkia
486 486Icon.png Regigigas
487 487Icon.png Giratina
639 639Icon.png Terrakion
640 640Icon.png Virizion
641 641Icon.png Tornadus
642 642Icon.png Thundurus
643 643Icon.png Reshiram
644 644Icon.png Zekrom
645 645Icon.png Landorus
716 716Icon.png Xerneas
717 717Icon.png Yveltal
718 718Icon.png Zygarde
772 772Icon.png Type: Null
773 773Icon.png Silvally
785 785Icon.png Tapu Koko
786 786Icon.png Tapu Lele
787 787Icon.png Tapu Bulu
788 788Icon.png Tapu Fini
789 789Icon.png Cosmog
791 791Icon.png Solgaleo
792 792Icon.png Lunala
800 800Icon.png Necrozma

Mythical Pokémon
No. Name
386 386Icon.png Deoxys
493 493Icon.png Arceus
494 494Icon.png Victini
647 647Icon.png Keldeo
648 648Icon.png Meloetta
719 719Icon.png Diancie
720 720Icon.png Hoopa
721 721Icon.png Volcanion
801 801Icon.png Magearna
802 802Icon.png Marshadow
807 807Icon.png Zeraora

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