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Leech Seed

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Leech Seed
Element Type Broken?
Statistical Attributes
Base Power
Extra Information
  • Does not have an animation
Hereditary move-tutor

Leech Seed is a Grass type status-based move.


Leech Seed plants a seed on the opponent. A Pokémon affected by Leech Seed will lose 1/8th of its health at the end of every turn and heal the opposing Pokémon by the same amount. If the Pokémon that used Leech Seed switches to a different Pokémon, Leech Seed will heal the new Pokémon.

Leech Seed will fail if the target is a Grass type Pokémon or if it is already affected by Leech Seed.

The effect of Leech Seed lasts until the affected Pokémon faints or switches out. Its effects can also be removed if it uses Rapid Spin.

If the Pokémon affected by Leech Seed has the Liquid Ooze ability, the opposing Pokémon will take damage instead of being healed. The damage taken is the same amount that the affected Pokémon loses.



No.PokémonType 1Type 2Level
001 1Icon.png Bulbasaur Grass Poison 7
002 2Icon.png Ivysaur Grass Poison 7
003 3Icon.png Venusaur Grass Poison 7
102 102Icon.png Exeggcute Grass Psychic 11
187 187Icon.png Hoppip Grass Flying 22
188 188Icon.png Skiploom Grass Flying 24
189 189Icon.png Jumpluff Grass Flying 24
191 191Icon.png Sunkern Grass 13
192 192Icon.png Sunflora Grass 13
251 251Icon.png Celebi Grass Psychic 1
285 285Icon.png Shroomish Grass 8
286 286Icon.png Breloom Grass Fighting 8
315 315Icon.png Roselia Grass Poison 16
331 331Icon.png Cacnea Grass 10
332 332Icon.png Cacturne Grass Dark 10
387 387Icon.png Turtwig Grass 29
388 388Icon.png Grotle Grass 32
389 389Icon.png Torterra Grass Ground 33
420 420Icon.png Cherubi Grass 10
421 421Icon.png Cherrim Grass 10
492 492Icon.png Shaymin Grass 19
492A 492AIcon.png Shaymin-Sky Grass Flying 19
495 495Icon.png Snivy Grass 19
496 496Icon.png Servine Grass 20
497 497Icon.png Serperior Grass 20
511 511Icon.png Pansage Grass 16
546 546Icon.png Cottonee Grass Fairy 8
547 547Icon.png Whimsicott Grass Fairy 1
548 548Icon.png Petilil Grass 8
549 549Icon.png Lilligant Grass 1
585 585Icon.png Deerling Normal Grass 13
586 586Icon.png Sawsbuck Normal Grass 13
650 650Icon.png Chespin Grass 15
651 651Icon.png Quilladin Grass 15
652 652Icon.png Chesnaught Grass Fighting 15
672 672Icon.png Skiddo Grass 12
673 673Icon.png Gogoat Grass 12
708 708Icon.png Phantump Ghost Grass 23
709 709Icon.png Trevenant Ghost Grass 23
710 710Icon.png Pumpkaboo Ghost Grass 20
711 711Icon.png Gourgeist Ghost Grass 20

Emboldened Pokémon avail from a STAB bonus for this move.

Egg Moves

No.PokémonType 1Type 2
046 46Icon.png Paras Bug Grass
047 47Icon.png Parasect Bug Grass
114 114Icon.png Tangela Grass
152 152Icon.png Chikorita Grass
153 153Icon.png Bayleef Grass
154 154Icon.png Meganium Grass
191 191Icon.png Sunkern Grass
192 192Icon.png Sunflora Grass
252 252Icon.png Treecko Grass
253 253Icon.png Grovyle Grass
254 254Icon.png Sceptile Grass
270 270Icon.png Lotad Water Grass
271 271Icon.png Lombre Water Grass
272 272Icon.png Ludicolo Water Grass
273 273Icon.png Seedot Grass
274 274Icon.png Nuzleaf Grass Dark
275 275Icon.png Shiftry Grass Dark
357 357Icon.png Tropius Grass Flying
455 455Icon.png Carnivine Grass
459 459Icon.png Snover Grass Ice
460 460Icon.png Abomasnow Grass Ice
465 465Icon.png Tangrowth Grass
556 556Icon.png Maractus Grass
597 597Icon.png Ferroseed Grass Steel
598 598Icon.png Ferrothorn Grass Steel

Emboldened Pokémon avail from a STAB bonus for this move.