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A thicket of Headbutt trees in Pewter City.

Headbutt trees are specially interactable trees that can be encountered with the out-of-battle usage of the move Headbutt.

They are inhabited predominantly by bird-, bug-, and monkey-archetype Pokémon, thereby serving as another acquisitional avenue for various Pokémon that may be unavailable or cumbersomely rare to hunt, otherwise. They also yield another assortment of eventualities in EV-reductive berries, as it is one of the most prolific hotbeds of obtaining them in PRO at this time given the relative paucity of berry-tree allotments around the regions.

They are plentifully available on most Kanto, Johto and Sinnoh exterior maps (with a smattering added in Hoenn, currently), and they are identifiable with the overhovering sleeping-face animation; this is also indicative as to whether or not the tree itself is encounterable or not, since the animation will be invisible after the tree has already been depleted.


If a tree is overlaid by a sleeping-face animation, it is actively headbuttable to those who satisfy all the conditional requirements.

In addition to the first badge in the region's successional line and a Headbutt-toting Pokémon, the operative Pokémon must have attained at least 150 happiness points; until then, it will be disobedient when ordering it to headbutt trees.

Each individual tree can only be encountered before it depletes, and most of them will cool down after one real-world day has elapsed; the only exceptions are Trainers Valley's trees, which cool down every 6 hours.

Encounterable Pokémon


Most Headbutt trees comprise of five Pokémon and are mostly uniformized for the rarity-tier scale: two common Pokémon, two intermediate-tier Pokémon, and one rare Pokémon. Occasionally, a Membership-exclusive spawn is available; in all of these instances, it will be a rare-tier spawn as an alternative eventuality to the standard rare.

Spawnsets are identical for each Headbutt tree that is available on the map.

All Pokémon spawns are monophasic and thus will spawn at any time of the day.




Sevii Islands



Extraregional locations



While the Pokémon-spawn permutations of trees will vary location-specifically, the set of lootable berries is universalized for each tree. 1-3 berries will be yielded from the tree if the RNG falls within that range of items.

The following berries are available for every Headbutt tree.

Leppa Berry.pngLeppa Berry
Lum Berry.pngLum Berry
Sitrus Berry.pngSitrus Berry
Pomeg Berry.pngPomeg Berry
Kelpsy Berry.pngKelpsy Berry
Qualot Berry.pngQualot Berry
Hondew Berry.pngHondew Berry
Grepa Berry.pngGrepa Berry
Tamato Berry.pngTamato Berry


On Sinnoh Trees, you can also find the item Honey : Honey.gif
There is no game description for it.