Genesect quest

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Genesect quest
Genesect Secret Forest.png
Starting location
Bug Catching Area.
  • Have at least 500 hours playtime
  • Catch a Pokemon with 140+ total IVs during the Bug Catching contest

The Genesect quest is one out of many additional, not story related Legendary Pokémon quests and is the only way to catch the Mythical Pokémon Genesect.

Instructional walkthrough

Bug Catching Contest

Bug Catching contest lies between National Park and Route 35. Speak to Officer NPC at the left of National Park Stop House 1, to enter Bug catching Area. You may stay there for 20 minutes, and then get teleported to Contest Hall, to get your Pokemon evaluated. After catching any Pokemon with 140 or more total IV points, the Judge will be impressed and invite the player to talk to him outside of the contest. Outside, he will take the player to an area where Genesect can be caught, on the condition that the player has accumulated over 500 hours of playtime. Once the first condition have been completed, it will not be necessary to accomplish it again, even if the player does not meet the required playtime at that time. This also gives the opportunity for the player to prepare his or her Synchronize and catcher Pokemon before accepting the offer.

Tips and FAQ

  • Can I Synchronize Genesect?

Yes, you can! Before talking to the Contest Judge in National Park Stop House 1, you can get your Synchronize Pokemon, to help you out. We recommend the following for Genesect, as well as Master Ball to be 100% sure about the outcome:

(1)Timid Alakazam with the ability Synchronize and with the move Thunder Wave in order to paralyze Genesect. (2)Timid Kadabra with the ability Synchronize and with the move Thunder Wave in order to paralyze Genesect. (3)Timid Mew with the ability Synchronize with the moves Thunder Wave and False Swipe.

  • The server crashed / I defeated Genesect. Can I somehow get another chance!?

Yes, you can. All you need to do is to battle Nikola boss in Unknown Place (Trainers Valley) and have another chance.

  • Can I use Genesect in PvP?

Unfortunately, you cannot. Genesect is banned in PvP, therefore it cannot be used.

  • Can Genesect be shiny-oriented?

No. All legendaries acquired from their respective quests are shiny-locked.