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Element Type
Statistical Attributes
Base Power
Extra Information
  • Makes contact
  • Does not have an animation
  • Has minor bugs
  • Route 16, from completing the Subway Manager's quest

Fly is a Flying type damage-dealing move.


In Battle

Fly turns the user semi-invulnerable during the first turn, and then inflicts damage on the second turn. The second turn's attack can be interrupted by status like confusion and paralysis.

During the semi-invulnerable turn, the user will avoid all attacks targetting it. Exceptions are the moves Gust, Twister, Thunder, Hurricane and Sky Uppercut, which will still successfully hit. Gust and Twister will also cause double damage if hit during Fly's semi-invulnerable turn. Furthermore, if any of the two Pokémon have the ability No Guard, any attack will successfully hit.

If the user is holding a Power Herb, it will consume the Power Herb and immediately attack on the first turn without going into the semi-invulnerable turn.


  • Two-turn charge moves such as Solar Beam will fail to charge if used during the opponent's semi-invulnerable turn of Fly. (Report thread)
  • NPC Trainers will choose a random move during the player's semi-invulnerable turn, even if their attack would be executed after the player's Pokémon. They will however always select moves that can hit during Fly's semi-invulnerable turn if they known one of them.
  • Smack Down does not hit during Fly's semi-invulnerable turn, as it is not coded.
  • Jump Kick and High Jump Kick users take no crash damage when used during Fly's semi-invulnerable turn. (Report thread)

Out of Battle

Unlike in the official games, Fly has no functionality outside of battle. Quick movement between cities is instead done by the use of various Transports.



No.PokémonType 1Type 2Level
373 373Icon.png Salamence Dragon Flying 1

Emboldened Pokémon avail from a STAB bonus for this move.


No.PokémonType 1Type 2
006 6Icon.png Charizard Fire Flying
016 16Icon.png Pidgey Normal Flying
017 17Icon.png Pidgeotto Normal Flying
018 18Icon.png Pidgeot Normal Flying
021 21Icon.png Spearow Normal Flying
022 22Icon.png Fearow Normal Flying
041 41Icon.png Zubat Poison Flying
042 42Icon.png Golbat Poison Flying
083 83Icon.png Farfetch'd Normal Flying
084 84Icon.png Doduo Normal Flying
085 85Icon.png Dodrio Normal Flying
142 142Icon.png Aerodactyl Rock Flying
144 144Icon.png Articuno Ice Flying
145 145Icon.png Zapdos Electric Flying
146 146Icon.png Moltres Fire Flying
149 149Icon.png Dragonite Dragon Flying
151 151Icon.png Mew Psychic
163 163Icon.png Hoothoot Normal Flying
164 164Icon.png Noctowl Normal Flying
169 169Icon.png Crobat Poison Flying
176 176Icon.png Togetic Fairy Flying
178 178Icon.png Xatu Psychic Flying
198 198Icon.png Murkrow Dark Flying
225 225Icon.png Delibird Ice Flying
227 227Icon.png Skarmory Steel Flying
276 276Icon.png Taillow Normal Flying
277 277Icon.png Swellow Normal Flying
278 278Icon.png Wingull Water Flying
279 279Icon.png Pelipper Water Flying
329 329Icon.png Vibrava Ground Dragon
330 330Icon.png Flygon Ground Dragon
333 333Icon.png Swablu Normal Flying
334 334Icon.png Altaria Dragon Flying
357 357Icon.png Tropius Grass Flying
373 373Icon.png Salamence Dragon Flying
380 380Icon.png Latias Dragon Psychic
381 381Icon.png Latios Dragon Psychic
396 396Icon.png Starly Normal Flying
397 397Icon.png Staravia Normal Flying
398 398Icon.png Staraptor Normal Flying
426 426Icon.png Drifblim Ghost Flying
430 430Icon.png Honchkrow Dark Flying
441 441Icon.png Chatot Normal Flying
468 468Icon.png Togekiss Fairy Flying
519 519Icon.png Pidove Normal Flying
520 520Icon.png Tranquill Normal Flying
521 521Icon.png Unfezant Normal Flying
527 527Icon.png Woobat Psychic Flying
528 528Icon.png Swoobat Psychic Flying
561 561Icon.png Sigilyph Psychic Flying
567 567Icon.png Archeops Rock Flying
580 580Icon.png Ducklett Water Flying
581 581Icon.png Swanna Water Flying
623 623Icon.png Golurk Ground Ghost
627 627Icon.png Rufflet Normal Flying
628 628Icon.png Braviary Normal Flying
629 629Icon.png Vullaby Dark Flying
630 630Icon.png Mandibuzz Dark Flying
635 635Icon.png Hydreigon Dark Dragon
637 637Icon.png Volcarona Bug Fire
649 649Icon.png Genesect Bug Steel
661 661Icon.png Fletchling Normal Flying
662 662Icon.png Fletchinder Fire Flying
663 663Icon.png Talonflame Fire Flying
701 701Icon.png Hawlucha Fighting Flying
714 714Icon.png Noibat Flying Dragon
715 715Icon.png Noivern Flying Dragon

Emboldened Pokémon avail from a STAB bonus for this move.