Flare Blitz

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Flare Blitz
Element Type
Statistical Attributes
Base Power

Flare Blitz is a Fire-type damage-dealing move.


Flare Blitz inflicts damage; as a repercussive countereffect, it will also incur recoil damage on the user equal to 1/3rd of the damage output that is inflicted on the opponent.

Flare Blitz has also a 10%-chance secondary effect of burn the attackee(currently broken).

It is one of out of several thermally dynamic moves that can also usably thaw out a user if they are frozen(currently broken; it will also inflict damage immediately after its extrication of that status ailment.



No.PokémonType 1Type 2Level
006 6Icon.png Charizard Fire Flying 77
058 58Icon.png Growlithe Fire 45
077 77Icon.png Ponyta Fire 49
078 78Icon.png Rapidash Fire 49
105A 105AIcon.png Alolan Marowak Fire Ghost 53
136 136Icon.png Flareon Fire 45
256 256Icon.png Combusken Fire Fighting 58
257 257Icon.png Blaziken Fire Fighting 63
338 338Icon.png Solrock Rock Psychic 1
391 391Icon.png Monferno Fire Fighting 56
392 392Icon.png Infernape Fire Fighting 68
494 494Icon.png Victini Psychic Fire 73
498 498Icon.png Tepig Fire 43
499 499Icon.png Pignite Fire Fighting 52
500 500Icon.png Emboar Fire Fighting 62
554 554Icon.png Darumaka Fire 33
555 555Icon.png Darmanitan Fire 33
636 636Icon.png Larvesta Bug Fire 100
637 637Icon.png Volcarona Bug Fire 1
663 663Icon.png Talonflame Fire Flying 1
721 721Icon.png Volcanion Fire Water 58

Emboldened Pokémon avail from a STAB bonus for this move.

Egg Moves

No.PokémonType 1Type 2
004 4Icon.png Charmander Fire
005 5Icon.png Charmeleon Fire
006 6Icon.png Charizard Fire Flying
037 37Icon.png Vulpix Fire
038 38Icon.png Ninetales Fire
058 58Icon.png Growlithe Fire
059 59Icon.png Arcanine Fire
126 126Icon.png Magmar Fire
155 155Icon.png Cyndaquil Fire
156 156Icon.png Quilava Fire
157 157Icon.png Typhlosion Fire
240 240Icon.png Magby Fire
467 467Icon.png Magmortar Fire
513 513Icon.png Pansear Fire
514 514Icon.png Simisear Fire
667 667Icon.png Litleo Fire Normal
668 668Icon.png Pyroar Fire Normal

Emboldened Pokémon avail from a STAB bonus for this move.