Eumi Island Burned Tower

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This area is part of Eumi Island, the Christmas event island. As such, its accessibility is limited to its opening times, which are between December and January.

Eumi Island Burned Tower - Eumi Island
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Eumi Island Burned Tower
Eumi Island Grinch Cave

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Eumi Island Burned Tower
Eumi Island Theme Park 2

Eumi Island Burned Tower is a tower of Eumi Island located in Eumi Island Theme Park 2. The tower has a back area called Eumi Island Grinch Cave, which has nothing but the Grinch itself. Along with Santa Claus, the Evil Grinch is the first NPC to simulate Hunting events, where players attempt to score the most points and only the player with the highest score receives a special reward.

Notable miscellanies

Evil Grinch

The Evil Grinch is at the end of the Grinch Cave, which entrance is in a hole on the middle east of the tower. He is asking the player to show him the worst Pokemon possible. The lower its stats and the rarer it is, the more points that pokemon will reward. He also gives bonus points if the Pokémon has a Neutral nature such as Serious. Finally, it must fulfill the following conditions:

  • The Pokemon must have been caught after the event has started.
  • The Pokemon must be one of the following list or any of their evolutions:
Pokédex NumberPokémonType 1Type 2Rarity TierHeld Item
#019 19Icon.png Rattata Normal 1
#037 37Icon.png Vulpix Fire 3
#041 41Icon.png Zubat Poison Flying 1
#092 92Icon.png Gastly Ghost Poison 1
#179 179Icon.png Mareep Electric 1
#702 702Icon.png Dedenne Electric Fairy 7
#220 220Icon.png Swinub Ice Ground 1
#361 361Icon.png Snorunt Ice 4
#712 712Icon.png Bergmite Ice 7
#058 58Icon.png Growlithe Fire 4
#252 252Icon.png Treecko Grass 8
#255 255Icon.png Torchic Fire 8
#258 258Icon.png Mudkip Water 8
#280 280Icon.png Ralts Psychic Fairy 8
#447 447Icon.png Riolu Fighting 8
#610 610Icon.png Axew Dragon 8
#215 215Icon.png Sneasel Dark Ice 6

At the end of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th advents, whichever player submitted the Pokemon with the highest score during that advent receives a special Pokemon:

  • 2nd Advent: Christmas Timid Litwick
  • 3rd Advent: Christmas Timid Ralts
  • 4th Advent: Christmas Adamant Axew

Those rewards are separate for both servers, resulting in a total of 6 winners.

Pokédex NumberPokémonType 1Type 2Rarity TierHeld Item
#607 607Icon.png Litwick Ghost Fire 7
#280 280Icon.png Ralts Psychic Fairy 8
#610 610Icon.png Axew Dragon 8


TM-Psychic.png TM42 - Dream Eater 1 Indefinite In the north-east corner, immediately behind the wall with the hole to the Grinch Cave.

Wild Pokémon

Eumi Island Burned Tower

PokémonLevel rangeTimesHeld ItemRarity Tier
59Icon.png Arcanine 25-30 Morning Day Night 4
323Icon.png Camerupt 25-30 Morning Day Night 7
92Icon.png Gastly 25-30 Night 2
109Icon.png Koffing 25-30 Morning Day Night 1
261Icon.png Poochyena 25-30 Morning Day Night 1
255Icon.png Torchic 25-30 Morning Day Night 9
324Icon.png Torkoal 25-30 Morning Day Night 6
110Icon.png Weezing 25-30 Morning Day Night 4

Pink-colored names denote that this Pokémon is exclusively encounterable for members in this area.