Eterna Forest

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Eterna Forest - Sinnoh




Eterna Forest.gif

A positional vantage point of Eterna Forest in Sinnoh.

Land Pokémon

Average levels


Battleable NPCs
Ground-lootable items
Berry trees

Contiguous areas

Old Chateau
Eterna Forest Route 205
Route 205

Eterna Forest is the Sinnoh forest, which splits Route 205 into two parts. On its deep north is located the Old Chateau, although it will be blocked by an unknown force until completing the Eterna City gym. It will also be necessary to bring Cut in order to reach it.

Following the tradition, the Headbutt tutor is also found in the forest. However, the style for Headbutt Trees changes, now being all packed together in the north side, beyond Cut trees.

Notable miscellanies

Headbutt Tutor

A Move Tutor for the move Headbutt can be found in the south-west part, a bit north-west from Psychic Kody. He will teach the move to any compatible Pokémon for the price of PokémonDollar.png1,000.

Horn Leech Tutor

A Move Tutor for the move Horn Leech can be found in an obscure location in Eterna Forest. This area can be accessed via Eterna Forest Cave, once in the cave the player must head to the north-west ladder to reach this secretive location where the tutor is located. She will teach the move to any compatible Pokémon for the price of PokémonDollar.png15,000.

Wild Pokémon


PokémonLevel rangeTimesHeld ItemRarity Tier
427Icon.png Buneary 15-18 Morning Day 7
268Icon.png Cascoon 11-14 Morning Day Night 4
421Icon.png Cherrim 11-14 Morning Day Night Tamato Berry 6
269Icon.png Dustox 11-14 Morning Day Night 4
163Icon.png Hoothoot 11-14 Night 2
588Icon.png Karrablast 11-14 Morning Day Night 7
200Icon.png Misdreavus 11-14 Night 6
198Icon.png Murkrow 11-14 Night 8
266Icon.png Silcoon 11-14 Morning Day Night 4
396Icon.png Starly 11-14 Morning Day Night 1
544Icon.png Whirlipede 11-14 Morning Day Night 8

Pink-colored names denote that this Pokémon is exclusively encounterable for members in this area.

Headbuttable Trees

Headbuttable Tree.png
Pokémon LevelsRarity Tier
399Icon.png Bidoof 11-14 Common
420Icon.png Cherubi 11-14 Common
401Icon.png Kricketot 11-14 Common
396Icon.png Starly 11-14 Common
403Icon.png Shinx 11-14 Intermediate
387Icon.png Turtwig 11-14 Rare


Antidote.png Antidote 1 Not respawnable On the upper far west side of the forest.
Paralyze Heal.png Paralyze Heal 2 Not respawnable In the south-east part, along the eastmost path.
Great Ball.png Great Ball 2 Not respawnable In the far north, next to the Old Chateau. Requires Cut.
Insect Plate.png Insect Plate 1 Not respawnable Hidden item. On the plant immediately to the east of the Old Chateau. Requires Cut.

NPC Trainers

Eterna Forest Trainers
Bug Catcher.png
Bug Catcher Jack
Lv. 11
Lv. 13
Lass Briana
Lv. 11
Psychic (boy).png
Psychic Lindsey
Lv. 14
Psychic (boy).png
Psychic Elijah
Lv. 15
Bug Catcher.png
Bug Catcher Donald
Lv. 14
Bug Catcher.png
Bug Catcher Phillip
Lv. 11
Psychic (boy).png
Psychic Kody
Lv. 14
Psychic (boy).png
Psychic Simon
Lv. 12
Ranger (girl).png
Ranger Sarah
Lv. 14

All NPCs cool down after 7 days unless noted contrariwise.