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Element Type Broken?
Statistical Attributes
Base Power
Extra Information
  • Does not have an animation
  • Has major bugs
Hereditary move-tutor

Disable is a non-damaging Normal type move.


Disable prevents the use of a move for 4 turns. The move that is disabled is the last one that has been used prior to Disable being used. If the opponent's current Pokemon has not used a move since it has been switched in, Disable will fail. Disable cannot disable two moves at the same time, and will fail if there's already a disabled move.

If Disable is used first in a turn and disables the move that the opponent attempts using that turn, the opponent's move will fail.

If the disabled Pokemon is unable to select any other move than its disabled move, it will be forced into using Struggle if it decides to attack instead of switching.


  • If Disable is used against a move that prevents the pokemon from choosing any option in the next turn such as Outrage, Solar Beam and Hyper Beam, the disabled Pokemon will be unable to complete the move and will be unable to switch or attack until Disable ends. (Report thread)
  • When an opponent's move fails to be used due to Disable being used in the same turn, a PP will still be spent. (Report thread).
  • NPC trainers and wild Pokemons will continue to attempt using the disabled move, resulting in wasted turns. (Report thread).
  • Sleep Talk into a disabled moves will fail, unlike in the original games. (Report thread).



No.PokémonType 1Type 2Level
039 39Icon.png Jigglypuff Normal Fairy 1
040 40Icon.png Wigglytuff Normal Fairy 1
048 48Icon.png Venonat Bug Poison 1
049 49Icon.png Venomoth Bug Poison 1
054 54Icon.png Psyduck Water 19
055 55Icon.png Golduck Water 19
064 64Icon.png Kadabra Psychic 18
065 65Icon.png Alakazam Psychic 18
079 79Icon.png Slowpoke Water Psychic 19
080 80Icon.png Slowbro Water Psychic 19
088 88Icon.png Grimer Poison 12
88A 88AIcon.png Alolan Grimer Poison Dark 12
089 89Icon.png Muk Poison 12
89A 89AIcon.png Alolan Muk Poison Dark 12
096 96Icon.png Drowzee Psychic 5
097 97Icon.png Hypno Psychic 5
108 108Icon.png Lickitung Normal 25
199 199Icon.png Slowking Water Psychic 19
355 355Icon.png Duskull Ghost 6
356 356Icon.png Dusclops Ghost 6
463 463Icon.png Lickilicky Normal 25
477 477Icon.png Dusknoir Ghost 6
491 491Icon.png Darkrai Dark 1
562 562Icon.png Yamask Ghost 5
563 563Icon.png Cofagrigus Ghost 5

Emboldened Pokémon avail from a STAB bonus for this move.

Egg Moves

No.PokémonType 1Type 2
023 23Icon.png Ekans Poison
024 24Icon.png Arbok Poison
029 29Icon.png Nidoran Female Poison
030 30Icon.png Nidorina Poison
031 31Icon.png Nidoqueen Poison Ground
032 32Icon.png Nidoran Male Poison
033 33Icon.png Nidorino Poison
034 34Icon.png Nidoking Poison Ground
037 37Icon.png Vulpix Fire
37A 37AIcon.png Alolan Vulpix Ice
038 38Icon.png Ninetales Fire
38A 38AIcon.png Alolan Ninetales Ice Fairy
086 86Icon.png Seel Water
087 87Icon.png Dewgong Water Ice
092 92Icon.png Gastly Ghost Poison
093 93Icon.png Haunter Ghost Poison
094 94Icon.png Gengar Ghost Poison
115 115Icon.png Kangaskhan Normal
116 116Icon.png Horsea Water
117 117Icon.png Seadra Water
167 167Icon.png Spinarak Bug Poison
168 168Icon.png Ariados Bug Poison
230 230Icon.png Kingdra Water Dragon
234 234Icon.png Stantler Normal
280 280Icon.png Ralts Psychic Fairy
281 281Icon.png Kirlia Psychic Fairy
282 282Icon.png Gardevoir Psychic Fairy
327 327Icon.png Spinda Normal
331 331Icon.png Cacnea Grass
332 332Icon.png Cacturne Grass Dark
335 335Icon.png Zangoose Normal
351 351Icon.png Castform Normal
352 352Icon.png Kecleon Normal
353 353Icon.png Shuppet Ghost
354 354Icon.png Banette Ghost
358 358Icon.png Chimecho Psychic
361 361Icon.png Snorunt Ice
362 362Icon.png Glalie Ice
425 425Icon.png Drifloon Ghost Flying
426 426Icon.png Drifblim Ghost Flying
433 433Icon.png Chingling Psychic
442 442Icon.png Spiritomb Ghost Dark
475 475Icon.png Gallade Psychic Fighting
478 478Icon.png Froslass Ice Ghost
562 562Icon.png Yamask Ghost
563 563Icon.png Cofagrigus Ghost
595 595Icon.png Joltik Bug Electric
596 596Icon.png Galvantula Bug Electric
605 605Icon.png Elgyem Psychic
606 606Icon.png Beheeyem Psychic
682 682Icon.png Spritzee Fairy
683 683Icon.png Aromatisse Fairy
710 710Icon.png Pumpkaboo Ghost Grass
711 711Icon.png Gourgeist Ghost Grass

Emboldened Pokémon avail from a STAB bonus for this move.