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7 diggable patches in Tanobey Key.

Diggable patches, known more colloquially as dig spots, are crevices found on rocky terrain whereon Dig can be used to excavate resources.

They are one of the principal usages of Dig outside of battle in Pokémon Revolution Online, as well as a prolific hotbed for obtaining otherwise-scanty resources; this can be underscored by the excavatable Pokémon fossils within them, which are allotted as a top-tier archetype of commodities from them.

Using them can also unearth potentially underdwelling Pokémon as another avenue for Pokémon-encountering; however, as is the case with all NPC-initiated Pokémon battles, it is not possible to encounter a shiny counterpart of these Pokémon.

Using Diggable Patches

The Dig technique must be touted by an on-hand Pokémon; the most exhaustively compatible way of obtaining the love would be by purchasing its encapsulating TM (TM28) in one of the Department Stores, but the earliest way of obtaining it would be the one-off freebie from the burglarized house in Cerulean City.

In addition to the third-successional regional badge of the region, your the Dig-toting Pokémon must also have at least 150 Happiness points before you can use this move on on diggable patches.

After a diggable patch has been depleted, it will respawn after 3 days.




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