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Contributor Hall - Kanto
Overviewing collage
Contributor hall.png
Contributor hall
Contributor hall 2F.png
Contributor hall 2F
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Contributor hall 3F


Saffron City.gif

A positional vantage point of Contributor Hall in Kanto.

Contributor Hall is a multistory building found in Saffron City in Kanto.
It serves as a location for the current and past Contributors on PRO who have earned the title of Contributor.

A view of the Contributor hall from the outside

What makes this location unique?

It has various different NPCs with a name, a line or two, and a Pokémon next to them.
Each NPC is unique and has been submitted by a Contributor.

Porygon and Frux location

Rock, Paper, Scissors game

Talk with the Porygon next to the NPC Frux found on 2F.
Interacting with it will boot up the minigame and give you three choices to pick from.
The outcome will be entirely random each time you play it.

Getting new Pokémon's seen data

Since this location hosts various different Pokémon.
It also can serve as a place to register various Pokemon in your Pokedex.
Talk with each Pokémon to register their seen data, if you have not already seen them elsewhere.

Other buildings in the vicinity

Discord Headquarters

To the left of Contributor Hall you can find the Discord Headquarters.

Golds Gym

To the right, you can find Golds Gym, who serves as a place to fight Chuck (boss).