Brutal Swing

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Brutal Swing
Element Type
Statistical Attributes
Base Power
Move tutor

Brutal Swing is a Physical, Dark type, attacking move.


TM Tutor

No.PokémonType 1Type 2
006 6Icon.png Charizard Fire Flying
015 15Icon.png Beedrill Bug Poison
023 23Icon.png Ekans Poison
024 24Icon.png Arbok Poison
74A 74AIcon.png Alolan Geodude Rock Electric
75A 75AIcon.png Alolan Graveler Rock Electric
76A 76AIcon.png Alolan Golem Rock Electric
083 83Icon.png Farfetch'd Normal Flying
88A 88AIcon.png Alolan Grimer Poison Dark
89A 89AIcon.png Alolan Muk Poison Dark
095 95Icon.png Onix Rock Ground
103A 103AIcon.png Alolan Exeggutor Grass Dragon
104 104Icon.png Cubone Ground
105 105Icon.png Marowak Ground
105A 105AIcon.png Alolan Marowak Fire Ghost
108 108Icon.png Lickitung Normal
112 112Icon.png Rhydon Ground Rock
123 123Icon.png Scyther Bug Flying
127 127Icon.png Pinsir Bug
130 130Icon.png Gyarados Water Flying
142 142Icon.png Aerodactyl Rock Flying
147 147Icon.png Dratini Dragon
148 148Icon.png Dragonair Dragon
149 149Icon.png Dragonite Dragon Flying
151 151Icon.png Mew Psychic
161 161Icon.png Sentret Normal
162 162Icon.png Furret Normal
181 181Icon.png Ampharos Electric
208 208Icon.png Steelix Steel Ground
212 212Icon.png Scizor Bug Steel
214 214Icon.png Heracross Bug Fighting
225 225Icon.png Delibird Ice Flying
232 232Icon.png Donphan Ground
248 248Icon.png Tyranitar Rock Dark
254 254Icon.png Sceptile Grass
275 275Icon.png Shiftry Grass Dark
306 306Icon.png Aggron Steel Rock
330 330Icon.png Flygon Ground Dragon
336 336Icon.png Seviper Poison
348 348Icon.png Armaldo Rock Bug
350 350Icon.png Milotic Water
357 357Icon.png Tropius Grass Flying
359 359Icon.png Absol Dark
373 373Icon.png Salamence Dragon Flying
428 428Icon.png Lopunny Normal
445 445Icon.png Garchomp Dragon Ground
452 452Icon.png Drapion Poison Dark
463 463Icon.png Lickilicky Normal
464 464Icon.png Rhyperior Ground Rock
472 472Icon.png Gliscor Ground Flying
497 497Icon.png Serperior Grass
530 530Icon.png Excadrill Ground Steel
532 532Icon.png Timburr Fighting
533 533Icon.png Gurdurr Fighting
534 534Icon.png Conkeldurr Fighting
552 552Icon.png Krokorok Ground Dark
553 553Icon.png Krookodile Ground Dark
589 589Icon.png Escavalier Bug Steel
612 612Icon.png Haxorus Dragon
635 635Icon.png Hydreigon Dark Dragon
646 646Icon.png Kyurem Dragon Ice
658 658Icon.png Greninja Water Dark
660 660Icon.png Diggersby Normal Ground
679 679Icon.png Honedge Steel Ghost
680 680Icon.png Doublade Steel Ghost
681 681Icon.png Aegislash Steel Ghost
687 687Icon.png Malamar Dark Psychic
689 689Icon.png Barbaracle Rock Water
695 695Icon.png Heliolisk Electric Normal
697 697Icon.png Tyrantrum Rock Dragon
706 706Icon.png Goodra Dragon
709 709Icon.png Trevenant Ghost Grass

Emboldened Pokémon avail from a STAB bonus for this move.