Breezy Cave

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This area is part of Breezy Town, the Spring event map. As such, its accessibility is limited to its opening times, which are between April and -.

Breezy Cave - Kanto


Breezy Cave.png

Breezy Cave is an event map which firstly opened during Spring 2019. It can be accessed by talking to Sailor Richard in various ports, namely Vermilion City, Olivine City, Lilycove City and Canalave City. This brings the player to Breezy Town Harbor. From there, head North and Breezy Path will await for your presence. From there, follow the path to the cave. When speaking to Sailor Richard, he will return the player to the city he/she originally came from.

Related Areas

Notable Miscellanies

Crystal Shards

At the left part, starting from the entrance of Breezy Town, there is a crystal shard collector named Hammond. He will ask you to collect these crystal shards from Breezy Cave, in order to give you a reward for this action. There are several shiny rocks with a "sleepy" emote above them, indicating that they are special. For every shard you collect, he will reward you with 25 Easter Tokens, the use of them will be explained in another paragraph. Do note that, in order to interact with the rocks, you either need a Pickaxe or a Pokemon with the move Rock Smash in its moveset. Also, the prerequisite Pokemon must fulfill the requirement of 150+ Happiness. The cooldown of the rocks is 72 hours (3 days).


Land Spawns

Disclaimer: The tier of each Pokemon shown in the PRO Wiki is not corresponding to the actual tier of the spawns in all maps. For a detailed answer, make sure to use Reborn Bot, by using the command ^s, followed by the name of the Pokemon (Example: ^s Larvesta). This also works with the name of the map. For example, the usage of the command ^s Breezy Cave will show the following list of Pokemon:

Pokédex NumberPokémonType 1Type 2Rarity TierHeld Item
#027 27Icon.png Sandshrew Ground 1
#074 74Icon.png Geodude Rock Ground 1
#095 95Icon.png Onix Rock Ground 1
#104 104Icon.png Cubone Ground 4
#113 113Icon.png Chansey Normal 8
#115 115Icon.png Kangaskhan Normal 8
#360 360Icon.png Wynaut Psychic 7
#436 436Icon.png Bronzor Steel Psychic 3