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BattleBot (boss)

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BattleBot boss NPC.png
LocationDock Island House 2
Cooldown Time15 days
Dates Active2015—present
Basic Requirements
  • 6 level 100 Pokémons in current party
  • Having completed the Johto League
  • Active Membership
  • 200 hours play time

"Super Mega Hyper Ultra BattleBot Extended Beast Mode Edition 2.0 Remastered Dirctors Cut Initialising."


Challenging The BattleBot

The BattleBot is a piece of Artificial Intelligence that can be found in Dock Island House 1.

By virtue of the fact that a Johto League championship, 200 hours play time, an on-hand lineup of 6-level 100 Pokemon and an active membership is required in order for The BattleBot to be challengable, it should be accessible by the time all the qualifications have been satisfied.

Regardless of a win or a loss, the player will have a 15 day cooldown to challenge the boss again, permitted they have the exact same requirements.


BattleBot's Lineup
Random Steadfast None
Random Desolate Land None
Random Multiscale None
Random Primordial Sea None
Mega Latios.png
Mega Latios
Random Levitate None
Random Delta Stream None
  • Emboldened moves avail from a STAB bonus when deployed by that Pokémon.
  • Italicized moves are functionally broken; see their individualized pages for more information.

This Boss will have a difficulty of Hard.





Pokédex NumberPokémonType 1Type 2Reward Tier
#371 371Icon.png Bagon Dragon 3
#374 374Icon.png Beldum Steel Psychic 3
#147 147Icon.png Dratini Dragon 3
#443 443Icon.png Gible Dragon Ground 3
#704 704Icon.png Goomy Dragon 3
#246 246Icon.png Larvitar Rock Ground 3
#489 489Icon.png Phione Water 25% Chance of spawning


Item Quantity Reward Tier
Focus Sash.png Focus Sash 10 1
PP Up.png PP Up 10 1
Rare Candy.png Rare Candy 10 1
Weakness Policy.png Weakness Policy 1 1
Eviolite.png Eviolite 1 2
Ultra Ball.png Ultra Ball 50 2
Assault Vest.png Assault Vest 1 3
Master Ball.png Master Ball 1 3

Three-consecutive wins

After being rewarded some of the abovementioned items, you will also be prompted to select one of these Pokémon as an additional reward.

Pokédex NumberPokémonType 1Type 2Reward Tier
#371 371Icon.png Bagon Dragon
#374 374Icon.png Beldum Steel Psychic
#147 147Icon.png Dratini Dragon
#443 443Icon.png Gible Dragon Ground
#704 704Icon.png Goomy Dragon
#246 246Icon.png Larvitar Rock Ground