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Ash Westbrook (boss)

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Ash Westbrook
Ash Westbrook boss NPC.png
LocationSpear Pillar
Cooldown Time12 days
Dates Active2015—present
Basic Requirements
  • 6 level 100 Pokémons in current party
  • Having completed the Sinnoh League
  • 500 hours play time
  • Seaking is disallowed

"I, Ash Westbrook, shall use my God power on my team to battle you!"

—Ash Westbrook

Ash Westbrook is the boss NPC of the Former Artist Ash Westbrook.

Challenging Ash Westbrook

Ash Westbrook can be found in Spear Pillar.

By virtue of the fact that a Sinnoh League championship, 500 hours play time, an on-hand lineup of 6-level 100 Pokemon and Seaking is disallowed in this on-hand lineup. Having met all these requirements Ash Westbrook will be challengable.

Regardless of a win or a loss, the player will have a 12 day cooldown to challenge the boss again, permitted they have the exact same requirements.

Ash Westbrook's Lineup
Mega Gengar.png
Mega Gengar
Random Shadow Tag None
Random Insomnia None
Random Teravolt None
Random Pressure None
Random Multiscale None
Random Dark Aura None
  • Emboldened moves avail from a STAB bonus when deployed by that Pokémon.
  • Italicized moves are functionally broken; see their individualized pages for more information.

The Boss will have a difficulty of Medium/Hard





Pokédex NumberPokémonType 1Type 2Reward Tier
#092 92Icon.png Gastly Ghost Poison 1
#587 587Icon.png Emolga Electric Flying 2
#535 535Icon.png Tympole Water 2
#650 650Icon.png Chespin Grass 3
#629 629Icon.png Vullaby Dark Flying 3
#000 File:Icon.png [[]] 3


Item Quantity Reward Tier
Air Balloon.png Air Balloon 3 1
Hyper Potion.png Hyper Potion 5 1
Revive.png Revive 5 1
Weakness Policy.png Weakness Policy 3 1
Rare Candy.png Rare Candy 5 2
Shed Shell.png Shed Shell 1 2
Ultra Ball.png Ultra Ball 20 2

Three-consecutive wins

After being rewarded some of the abovementioned items, you will also be prompted to select one of these Pokémon as an additional reward.

Pokédex NumberPokémonType 1Type 2Reward Tier
#650 650Icon.png Chespin Grass
#587 587Icon.png Emolga Electric Flying
#535 535Icon.png Tympole Water
#629 629Icon.png Vullaby Dark Flying