Safari Zones

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Safari Zones are specially controlled preservoirs that are inhabited by various Pokémon that are sparsely huntable elsewhere.

One Safari Zone is stationed in each mainland region; and while the spawnsets vary in each one, they immutably share these commonalities: they charge a 5,000 fee to enter for a 20-minute session, as well as 50,000 for a 24-hour-admissible Safari Zone pass.

Contradistinct to the handheld games, you are not debarred from attacking the Pokémon or using any other archetype of Pokéballs to capture them; you can weaken the wild Pokémon with your own lineup and use the entire gamut of Pokéballs available to you in order to capture them, comparatively facilitating your chances of capturing them.

The following Safari Zone networks are available:

  • Kanto Safari Zone, Fuchsia City
  • Johto Safari Zone, Route 28
  • Hoenn Safari Zone, Route 121
  • Sinnoh Safari Zone, Pastoria City