Rusturf Tunnel

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A positional vantage point of Rusturf Tunnel in Hoenn.

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Battleable NPCs
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Adjacent areas

Route 116 Rusturf Tunnel Verdanturf Town
Route 116

Rusturf Tunnel is a Hoenn cave linking Route 116 to Verdanturf Town. However, until the player has completed Mauville City‘s gym, a passionate couple will be blocking the way. After that, it will still be necessary to bring Rock Smash to cross the cave, although it is also possible to cross using Dig burrows.

A third exit on the east side of the smashable rocks lead to an isolated segment of Route 116, which also has a Dig burrow. Only a couple items can be found there, however.

The main interest of the cave, other than being a shortcut between Rustboro City and Verdanturf Town, is the Haunted Site, which entrance is located beyond all the smashable rocks blocking the two sides of the tunnel. Excavation needs to first be unlocked however.

Notable miscellanies

Peeko Quest

After following the direction of the Scientist who claimed to have had his Devon Goods stolen, the player also hears of an old man asking to save his Peeko right in front of the Rusturf Tunnel entrance. A Team Magma Grunt in the way will be the culprit of both cases and will fight the player upon talking to her. A Team Aqua Grunt will also come as reinforcement, although it is possible to heal inbetween the fights.

After the battles, the Peeko old man will thank the player and return to Route 104; he is the sailor that will carry the player to the next cities. The Devon Goods will also be recovered, which must be delivered back to the Scientist in Rustboro City.

Haunted Site

One of the Excavation sites is located here. As with all Excavation sites, it will cost 2,500 to enter.

Wild Pokémon

Pokémon Level range Times Held Item Rarity Tier
Geodude 5-10 Morning Day Night Common
Whismur 5-10 Morning Day Night Chesto Berry Common
  • Pink-colored names denote that this Pokémon is exclusively encounterable for members in this area
  • Emboldened levels indicate they are isolatable with the Repel trick


Item Quantity Cooldown Location
Pokeball 1-3 5 days On the north-west corner of the cave. Note that you may obtain more Pokeballs than displayed.
Ether 2-7 8 days On the north-east corner of the cave.

NPC Trainers

Rusturf Tunnel Trainers

Magma Grunt

Lv. 18

Notes: This trainer rewards no money or experience, and cannot be rechallenged. She is part of the Peeko Quest.

Aqua Grunt

Lv. 19

Notes: This trainer rewards no money or experience, and cannot be rechallenged. He is part of the Peeko Quest.

Hiker Mike

Lv. 20
Lv. 20
Lv. 21

All NPCs cool down after 7 days unless noted contrariwise.