Pokémon Revolution Online

Pokémon Revolution Online, referentially abbreviated as PRO, is a free-to-play, unofficial, fan-made beta Pokémon MMORPG, and it is the central subject of Pokemon Revolution Online Wiki. It is managed, developed and maintained by a bureau of volunteer-driven staff members, who are headed by Nikola—the project’s executive lead.

A cross-platform application-based client is used to connect to the game-servers that can be downloaded for modern Windows versions, Android-operative mobile devices, Mac and Linux.

The server- and client-coding are written predominantly in C#, and a smattering of Unity is hybridized for the client to streamline the cross-compilation process to other OS platforms.

Currently, two game-servers are playable: Gold and Silver.


Pokémon Revolution Online was conceived in September of 2014 by Shane and a coterie of his colleagues from his previous projects; it underwent inceptive development since, as a playable testbed version of the game had been released later that month.

As awareness of this project started to percolate, new playtesters and staff members were slowly accumulating in the project. Its official forums board was publicized in December of 2015; a few months later, playtesting would become publicly registrable, too, as bug-reporting and -fixing were done with period account-database wipes of the game.

It officially advanced into the beta stage on August 14, 2015 and a release-concurrent account-database wipe; thereafter, no more account-database wipes have been recurrent, as the staff has pledged continuity to all account data regardless of what developmental state it is labeled in.

Red was operationalized as the then-first-and-only game-server; however, with rapid upgrowth to the community and a relatively incapacious server capacity to accommodate for it, a second game-server in Blue was integrated on March 14, 2016. The chronologically third server in Yellow was integrated on July 19, 2016; thereafter, it has not been deemed that any new game-servers have been needed, as the game-server network comprised those-three servers at the time.

On April 17, 2018, the Red and Blue servers were merged, conflated under the name of Silver while Yellow was renamed to Gold.


Main article: Gameplay features

The more highlight-worthy features of the game are subsumed below but not limited to such:

  • Exhaustively developed battle-system mechanics, including IVs, EVs, Natures, Abilities, and so forth
  • A quadri-regional mainland network currently comprising of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh, in addition to the Sevii Islands and an assortment of PRO-custom expansionary areas to augment it
  • Six generational subsets of Pokémon databased in and predominantly available to players
  • Official events
  • Quest-obtainable Legendary Pokémon
  • An in-game chatting and private-messaging system, including global channels for general chatting, trading, battling, and support, as well as a map-localized chat
  • Guilds
  • Bosses
  • Task systems
  • PvP, including a ranked mode wherein PvP points can be earned
  • Pokémon Mounts
  • Pokémon- and item-trading, including a mailbox-delivery system


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All staff members are unpaid and contribute on an at-will basis.

The team multinationally comprises of staff members from various time zones, with Shane—the project’s CEO—residing in Australia.

All the content-developmental staff positions field applications for them whenever they are vacancies, whereas the community-oriented positions (Moderators, Trade Moderators, Game Masters, and Community Coordinators) will field workshop applications; read the Staff Recruitment section of the forums for more information regardingly. If the applicant or workshop testee is deemed to have earnest potential, they will be offered an apprenticeship—a transitional stage that trains and inculcates them for a contingently full-fledged staffship.

Administrators and Developers are on the highest echelon, whereas all the subordinate-staff positions (discounting apprentices) are hierarchically equal.

Official resources

  • Website
  • Forums
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Official Discord-server