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Pokémon League Hoenn
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Pokémon League Hoenn is the final Hoenn area, where the Elite Four awaits the player. Only after completing their challenges will the Hoenn regions be truely completed.

Furthermore, it is also the departure point for Sinnoh. When the player is ready to tackle on the fourth region, an NPC in Indigo Plateau will carry him or her to the first town of the region, Twinleaf Town, on the condition that her challenge has been completed.

Notable miscellanies

Hoenn Elite Four

The Elite Four of the Hoenn region will await the player in the back of the building. Before going there, the player can fully prepare for the incoming challenge by healing at the Pokemon Center and stocking on the best healing items in the PokeMart. Multiple NPCs will also hint at the type of each members of the Elite Four.

Once the player is ready, he or she can start the challenge by stepping in the northern door of the building. Once in, it is necessary to survive through 5 tough trainers with no return to the Pokemon Center.

See the following page for information on the opponents that must be fought during Hoenn’s Elite Four:

Main article: Elite Four_(Hoenn)

Thunder Punch Tutor

A Move Tutor for the move Thunder Punch can be found on the second floor. He will teach the move to any compatible Pokémon for the price of 10,000.

Ice Punch Tutor

A Move Tutor for the move Ice Punch can be found on the second floor, in the opposite side of the Thunder Punch tutor. He is difficult to notice as he does not display any name and is hidden behind the ramp. He will teach the move to any compatible Pokémon for the price of 10,000.

Rachel’s Friends Quest (Basuki)

One of the locations the seventh friend of Rachel can be found in is in Pokemon League Hoenn. He will trade the player’s Pokeball for a Potion.

The next friend to find will be Bambang, who can be found either in Cave of Origin, Jagged Pass or Fiery Path.



Pokémon League Hoenn Mart
Item Price
Great Ball 600
Ultra Ball 1,200
Hyper Potion 1,200
Max Potion 2,500
Full Restore 3,000
Full Heal 600
Revive 1,500
Max Repel 700