Littleroot Town

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Route 101
Littleroot Town

Littleroot Town is the first Hoenn town, in which the player gets to choose their Hoenn Starter Pokémon. Unlike the beginner towns of the previous regions, Littleroot town is a dead-end on the Map, linked only to Route 101 on its north.

Other than Professor Birch in his lab, there is no point of interest in this town. Once business with him is complete, the player should move on to Route 101 on the northern side of the town.

Notable miscellanies

Player House

When first arriving in Littleroot Town, the player will be brought automatically to the Player House. Just like in all other beginner towns, this will also be the place to heal up Pokémon as there is no Pokémon Center in the town. However, unlike the Kanto and Johto homes, Pokémon are healed not by talking to the relative, but by examining the bed on the second floor.

Professor Birch’s Lab

Initially, the lab will be locked. Professor Birch will be staying at his home, the Player’s House. Speaking to him will return him to his lab and allow you to enter.

Professor Birch will provide the player with their first Pokémon of the region. Afterwards, he will also evaluate the player’s Pokédex. Particularly, he will tell how many Pokémon of the third generation have been seen and captured. He will also tell how much playtime the player has accumulated since starting the Hoenn region, which is important for certain events.

Starter Pokémon

Upon entering Hoenn for the first time, all of the player’s Pokémon are taken away, and he or she must obtain a Starter Pokémon. Professor Birch will offer to choose between the three Generation 3 Starter Pokémon.

Hoenn’s Starter Pokémon



Held Item



Held Item



Held Item

After picking up the Starter Pokémon, it will be necessary to fight the Poochyena attacking Professor Birch. This Poochyena is level 3 and is also considered a Wild Pokémon, as such it is actually possible to capture it. Birch will heal the player’s Pokémon afterwards, and it will be then possible to leave Littleroot Town.

Pokédex Number Pokémon Type 1 Type 2 Rarity Tier Held Item
#261 Poochyena Dark Common

Unlocking Mossdeep City Space Center 2F

The second floor of Mossdeep City Space Center will be blocked by a police officer. In order for him to leave, it will be necessary to earn Professor Birch’s permission after having completed the Hoenn Elite Four. Simply talking to Professor Birch is sufficient.

Wild Pokémon

Headbuttable Trees

Pokémon Levels Rarity Tier
Taillow 5-10 Common
Volbeat 5-10 Common
Seedot 5-10 Common
Cacnea 5-10 Common
Exeggcute 5-10 Uncommon
Treecko 5-10 Rare
Torchic 5-10 Rare
Mudkip 5-10 Rare


Item Quantity Cooldown Location
Fresh Water 1 2-4 days Hidden Item. In the fridge of the Player House. Hinted by Mom.