Floaroma Town

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Floaroma Town — Sinnoh




A positional vantage point of Floaroma Town in Sinnoh.

Adjacent areas

Floaroma Meadow
Floaroma Town Route 205
Route 204

Floaroma Town is a Sinnoh town located between Route 204 and Route 205. It also continues to Floaroma Meadow on its north, although only half of it is accessible from that side.

Prominent for its scintillating flowers with a sweet scent. Theory states that this town was previously, a godforsaken hill; but, perplexed everyone when the hill burst into bloom because of Shaymin which explains its ability.

Notable miscellanies


Calahan is staying at the center north of the city. When spoken to, he will brag about his daughter, and ask the player to spell her name. Easy to guess, her daughter is the girl running nearby, whose name is Astraea. After correctly spelling her name, Calahan will reward the player with a Lava Cookie. This item is however not coded and cannot be used.


Lootable Items

Item Quantity Cooldown Location
Oran Berry 1-3 3 days Berry tree outside of the Flower shop.
Pecha Berry 1-3 3 days Berry tree outside of the Flower shop.


Floaroma Town Mart
Item Price
Pokeball 200
Super Potion 700
Antidote 100
Burn Heal 250
Awakening 250
Repel 350
Escape Rope 550