Pokémon spawns that are iconized with the fishing rod can only be encountered via fishing; they are not surfable.

Fishing is a mechanic in Pokémon Revolution Online that facilitates Pokémon-hunting in the water, both providing alternative avenue to surfing for them (for the Surf-encounterable Pokémon that are fishable, namely) and enabling the player to encounter Pokémon that are exclusively fishable.

A fishing rod can be cast into the water by selecting one from either the Key Items pocket of your backpack or the hotkey number toolbar while adjacent to water; if a fishable spawn is encountered that you have the requisite fishing-rod tier for or greater, it will whisk them out and initiate a battle with them. There are 4-second cooldown-time intervals between each fishing attempt.

Spawn mechanics

Fishing is one of the two avenues for the bimethodical hunting of water-oriented Pokémon; the other one is surfing, which can both overlap and differ with fishing in regards to its encounterable spawns.

For every Pokémon on the map’s localized spawn list that is superimposed with a rod icon, it is categorically required to fish them in order to encounter them; this means that they can not be encountered via surfing. Some surfable spawns may also be fishable; an informatory check on that can be done by checking the Pokémon’s individual pages on the wiki; if one of the rods is shown in the area that it spawns in, it can also be fished with that rod’s tier or greater.

If a Pokémon is surfable, that is generally the advisable method since they can be hunted for more seamlessly without the cooldown-time constraints of fishing.



With different rods, different Pokémon will be fishable contingent on the area. The requisite rod to encounter a Pokémon locationally varies for them, however; the rates can be discrepant depending on the area, with rarer Pokémon typically requiring higher-tier rods to be fishable early on.

If you use a greater rod tier than what is assignedly required to fish the Pokémon, the encounter will still be initiated; for example, if Horsea required the Old Rod—the lowermost-tier rod—and you used the Super Rod—the uppermost-tier rod—the battle would still initiate.

For more information pertaining to the pools of fishable Pokémon, read hereunder.


Do note that the spawnsets are documented based on the lowest-fishable rod tier that there is for the Pokémon; for example, if Dratini were Super Rod-fishable in 99 areas and Old Rod-fishable in one area, it would still be considered classifiably Old Rod-fishable.

Remember that the required rod tier will locationally vary for each Pokémon, and some may be members-exclusive; read the Pokémon’s individualized pages for more informatory data regardingly.

   Old Rod
It is costlessly claimable by the fishing guru in a Vermilion City house.
Fishable Pokémon

   Good Rod
It is buyable in Fuchsia City House 1 for 15,000. Must have the Old Rod on-hand as a prerequisite for its buyability.
Fishable Pokémon

   Super Rod
It is buyable in Olivine City House 1 (from the desk-bound NPC) for 75,000. Must have the Good Rod on-hand as a prerequisite for its buyability.
Fishable Pokémon