Evergreen Island Village

This area is part of Evergreen Island, the Christmas event island. As such, its accessibility is limited to its opening times, which are between December and January.
Evergreen Island Village — Evergreen Island


Adjacent areas

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Evergreen Island Shore

Evergreen Island Village is is an Evergreen Island area which is notably used for spending Christmas tokens on various shops. It also is the only map in Evergreen Island with a Pokécenter.

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Notable Miscellanies

Village Digway

A digway can be found connecting the south and main area of the village. To use this, the player must first interact with both sides of the digway, as shown in the following pictures. Furthermore, the player needs to have a Pokémon which has the Dig technique taught along with 150+ Happiness, otherwise the player needs the Shovel Item.

  • Digway 1

  • Digway 2

Xmas Contest Hunt

Xmas Contest Hunt NPC.

The Xmas Contest Hunt is a hunting event where the player has to hunt only Pokémon with a Christmas Counterpart and submit to the NPC located just underneath the village’s Pokémon Center. The total points will be determined by three components, these being IVs, Rarity Tier and Counterpart form shown where the player will be rewarded with bonus points if the Pokémon has a Christmas or Shiny form.

The Reward will be a random Pokémon with a Christmas Couterpart with the correct Ability and Nature, however any IVs will be randomly generated.

Disclaimer — The hunting event will have 3 segments, each lasting 7 days, there will be a total of 6 rewards given out to the winners.

Christmas tokens

Professor Langdon

Professor Langdon NPC.

Professor Langdon is an NPC which can tell the player the current amount of Christmas Tokens they have. His location is in the Evergreen Island Village Pokémon Center.

Spending tokens

Christmas Tokens can be spent in the Village of Evergreen Island. Here’s the list of all the items provided in each shop:

  • Essentials Shop:
Items Price
Red Candycane 1
Level Ball 3
Nest Ball 3
Repeat Ball 3
Max Repel 3
Ice Stone 20
  • Christmas Tokens are the currency of this shop.
  • TM Shop:
Items Price
TM13Ice Beam 10
TM14Blizzard 10
TM57Hail 5
TM91Aurora Veil 15
  • Christmas Tokens are the currency of this shop.
  • Battle Items Shop:
Items Price
Focus Sash 5
Weakness Policy 5
Ice Gem 10
Yache Berry 3
  • Christmas Tokens are the currency of this shop.
  • Cosmetics Shop:
Items Price
Christmas Cracker 100
Xmas Teddiursa Hat 200
Xmas Mareep Mount 200
Xmas Stantler Mount 200
Articuno Wings 500
  • Christmas Tokens are the currency of this shop.

Christmas Chris

Christmas Chris NPC.

At the start of Evergreen Island Village in the hideout opposite the Evergreen Island Shore , there is a stationary daily-challengeable Boss named Christmas Chris. His team will always be random, his Pokémon will start of from early 70’s and progressively get more difficult each day. The cooldown for this boss is a ‘server based cooldown’ and resets everyday at Midnight (GMT + 0).

Potential Rewards



  • 10 Christmas tokens will additionally be given each day to spend in the shops at Evergreen Island Village
Item Quantity Reward Tier
Rare Candy 1-3 N/A
Revival Herb 10 N/A
Green Candycane 15 N/A
Sitrus Berry 30 N/A
Power Herb 10 N/A
Mental Herb 10 N/A
Lum Berry 30 N/A
Red Candycane 15 N/A
Pokeball 50 N/A
PP Up 15 N/A
Air Balloon 10 N/A
Ultra Ball 30 N/A
Passho Berry 20 N/A
Super Repel 40 N/A
Focus Sash 30 N/A
Ice Stone 1 N/A
Max Repel 30 N/A
Mini MS Medalion 1 N/A
Master Ball 1 N/A
Shuca Berry 20 N/A
Yache Berry 20 N/A
Safari-Pass 1 N/A
Nature Reroll Ticket 1 N/A
Angel Halo Ring 1 N/A

Delibird Luck

If a player is lucky on the day, Christmas Chris will tell the player they have found a Delibird. This will be advantageous to the player because in Chris’ random lineup, Delibird will start off giving the player a good set up opportunity, as well as the player being rewarded an additional 10,000.

Hide & Seek

Trevor NPC.

In Evergreen Island Village House 6, there is an NPC named Trevor. Upon interacting with him, he will ask the player if they want to play a game of Hide & Seek. The player must find his 4 shiny Pokémon, being Eevee, Litwick, Pikachu and Riolu which are all located in the maps of Evergreen Island, they will be given 12 hours to complete this. Upon interaction again the player is given clues; 1 for each Pokémon, any more clues requested for a specific Pokémon will charge 3 Christmas Tokens for each additional clue.


The player will be given 5 tokens for each Pokémon they find resulting in 20 tokens overall.

Disclaimer- There is a 12 hour cooldown, this will begin to count from when you first accepted his challenge. You can always speak to Trevor again to see how long the cooldown is.

Event Move Tutors

Wish Move Tutor

A move tutor can be found in Evergreen Island Village House 7; he will impart the Wish technique to any compatible Pokémon for 15,000 per tutorship.

Haze Move Tutor

A move tutor can be found in Evergreen Island Village House 5; he will impart the Haze technique to any compatible Pokémon for 15,000 per tutorship.