Professor Oak‘s boss NPC, which illustrates the overworld coloration of boss-NPC names.

Bosses, oftentimes phrasally referred to as boss NPCs, are transcendent battle NPCs that can be challenged by qualifying players for an assortment of high-end rewards and feature-unlockings.

Since bosses constitute the strongest NPC-deployed lineups in the game—having maximal stats attainable by players—they are considered the fulcrum of the PvE (player versus environment) aspect in Pokémon Revolution Online.

As of December 2018, scripters began to revamp already existing bosses. The reworked bosses include changes to their team lineup, rewards, player requirements, and Pokemons’ effort values and levels. The aforementioned bosses now have three difficulty levels for the player to choose from.

Boss NPCs are identifiable by their distinctively red— or purple-colored names on the overworld, while those with red names are ‘normal’ bosses and those with purple names are ‘superbosses’ which are considered to be much more difficult. Some bosses might not be visible to the players until their prerequisites have been satisfied.

Boss-NPC characters are predominantly modeled after either Gym Leaders, staff members, or plot characters.


The main requirement is to be champion of the region the boss stays on. The scale of the rewards is controlled by three different difficulty grades — Easy, Medium and hard. Some bosses also have a hour requirement, but only if they are connected with special events such like catching a legendary Pokémon.

Species Clause

When challenging a boss on Medium or Hard mode, players are not allowed to use more than one of the same Pokémon on their team. They must be different species/have different national dex numbers. For example, you cannot have more than one Sharpedo in your lineup to challenge a boss.


Bosses have rewards depending on the difficulty level you beat them. As harder the difficulty as more valuable is the reward normally. The exact reward is random generated based on a list of possible rewards and contains at least a money reward. There are three difficulty level: Easy, Medium and Hard.
For extra rewards, the Medium and Hard level have a three-time win streak.

Tier 1: A random amount of common items which depends on the boss, like Focus Sashes, Weakness Policyies, Air Balloons,Lum Berries or Sitrus Berries.

Tier 2: A random amount of more valuable items, mixed with some high valuable rewards depending on the boss, like PP Up’s, Rare Candy’s, Small Train Ticket or Corphish.

Tier 3: Rare Pokémon depending on the boss, like Gible, Dratini, Bunnelby or Scyther.

Mode Tier chances Pokémoney rewarded PvE Coins rewarded
1 2 3
Easy 85% 10% 5% 5,000-10,000 None
Medium 80% 10% 10% 12,000-30,000 3
Hard 60% 25% 15% 20,000-40,000 5

Once a you have beat a boss three times in a row, you can choose one extra reward out of a Pokémon prizeset of four; they vary among bosses.
The rewardable Pokémon on the hard mode are considered as slightly more valuable than those you may get on the Medium mode.

Challengeable Bosses

Below are all the currently available bosses. Click on the name of the boss to gain more information.

Quest Bosses

Quest bosses appear during either the story or a quest. Some of them will be repeatable untill you win, others will only happen once whatever the outcome.

Boss Region Location Cooldown
Archie Hoenn Marine Cave (Cave of Origin) Not repeatable
Lance Johto Dragons Den B1F No Cooldown: Upon winning not repeatable
Maxie Hoenn Terra Cave (Cave of Origin) Not repeatable
MehCanMet Sinnoh Route 209 Not repeatable
Red Johto Mt. Silver Summit One-off battle; not repeatable
Youngster Joey Kanto Interposed between the multi-partitional Elite Four buildings at Indigo Plateau No Cooldown: Upon winning not repeatable

Repeatable Bosses

Repeatable Bosses are a part of the PvE endgame. You are limited to 20 bosses from this list per week.

Boss Region Location Cooldown
Ash Westbrook Sinnoh Spear Pillar 12 days
BattleBot Johto Dock Island (House 2) 14 days
Brock Kanto Diglett’s Cave 12 days
Bruno Johto Mt. Mortar Lower Cave 12 days
Bugsy Johto Amazon Forest 12 days
Chuck Kanto Saffron City (Gold’s Gym) 12 days
Cie Kanto Fluffles Wonderland 12 days
Erika Kanto Viridian Maze 12 days
Gamers Pewdie and Diepy Johto Goldenrod Gaming Corner 12 days
George Kanto Pewter Jail 12 days
Gingery Jones Hoenn Feral Site (Fiery Path) 12 days
Guardian (Entei) Kanto Route 25 (Route 25 Cave) 12 days
Guardian (Raikou) Hoenn Route 110 (Secret Base Alpha) 12 days
Guardian (Suicune) Johto Lake Of Rage (Secluded Lake) 12 days
Jessie & James Kanto Celadon City 12 days
Klohver Kanto Pinkan Island Meadow 12 days
Koichi Kanto Saffron Dojo 12 days
Lance (Dragons Shrine) Johto Dragons Shrine 12 days
Letrix Sinnoh Valley Windworks 12 days
Link Sinnoh Twinleaf Town (House 2) 12 days
Logan Sinnoh Cave Of Justice (Route 210 North) 12 days
Lorelei Johto Ice Path B2F 12 days
Lt. Surge Hoenn New Mauville 12 days
Maribela Sinnoh Floaroma Meadow 12 days
Medusa & Eldir Sinnoh Oreburgh Gate(Legends Cave) 12 days
Misty Johto Route 41 12 days
Morty Hoenn Mt. Pyre 4F 12 days
Naero Kanto Cerulean Cave B1F 12 days
Naruto Fanboy Hoenn Desert Ruins 12 days
Neroli Johto Ilex Forest 12 days
Officer Jenny Kanto Pinkan City (Pinkan Lighthouse 2F) 12 days
Officer Shamac Kanto Pewter City (Jail) 12 days
Prehax Kanto Munchlax Resort (House 1) 12 days
Professor Birch Hoenn Verdanturf Town (House 2) 12 days
Professor Elm Johto Ruins of Alph (Research Center) 12 days
Professor Oak Kanto Cinnabar Island (Lab Room 2) 12 days
Professor Rowan Sinnoh Jubilife City School 12 days
Sage Johto Violet City (Sprout Tower F) 12 days
Saphirr Sinnoh Route 227 12 days
Shary & Shaui Kanto Love Island (House 1) 12 days
Steven Hoenn Valley Of Steel (Underground) 12 days
Spectify Sinnoh Sandgem Town House 12 days
Terminator Johto Mt. Silver Moltres Chamber 12 days
The Pumpkin King Kanto Vermilion City Graveyard 12 days
Thor Johto Whirl Islands B4F 12 days
Tigerous Hoenn Eumi Island Theme Park 2 12 days
Toothless Hoenn Abandoned Ship B1F Room 1 (Route 108) 12 days
Urahara Kanto Pokemon Tower 3F 12 days
Xylos Kanto Pokemon Club (Vermilion City) 12 days

Unique Bosses

Boss Region Location Cooldown
Nikola Kanto Unknown Place (Trainers Valley) 21 days

Discontinued Bosses

All bosses on the list below are discontinued bosses, meaning that they previously existed but were removed from the game, made inaccessible, or have been substantially reworked.

Boss Region Location Cooldown
9oomy & Gouseru Kanto Love Island (House 1) 12 days
Greinjack Johto In front of Blackthorn City‘s Pokémart 12 days
Guardian Kaguya Phantasm Land Unison Mountain Summit 2 days
Kagawa Vulcan Island Kalijodo Lake 6 days
Mayor Gorge Phantasm Land Unison Mountain 3F 2 days
Officer Wargreymon Kanto Pewter City Jail 12 days
Old Lady Janice Hoenn Lilycove City (Motel 2F) 12 days
Ravine Hoenn Mt. Pyre Summit 12 days
Sgath & Keres Kanto Love Island (House 1) 12 days
Shieon Cryofrost Mistpeak Valley House 12 days
Suhuzen Hoenn Desert Ruins 12 days
Summer Guardian Lime Vulcan Island Kalijodo Lake 3 days
Summer Guardian Rin Vulcan Island Vulcan Island Shore 3 days
Zetsu Phantasm Land Bittersweet Cave 4F 3 days


Many bosses are also multifunctional in the sense that they may serve as vendors or as move tutors. In these cases, they typically will require being battled at least one time before their commercial services are accessible; this entails that the requirements are satisfied, or they may not have any accessibly serviceable feature.

Cooldown time


Each account is limited to 20 rechallengable bosses every week; the timer on this is a global cooldown that resets every Monday at 00:00 (midnight) GMT+0.

Most bosses also have an individual timer are rechallengable after 12 days; the main exceptions are quest-compulsory bosses, which either cool down after 2 hours or are not rechallengable at all, as the quest has progressed.


The cooldown-checker performing a confirmatory check on Brock’s status.

The cooldown times for your bosses can be checked by speaking to the cooldown-checker in Celadon Office 2F, Goldenrod City House 1, Slateport City House 1, or Canalave City House 1; they will let you know whether or not they are ready.

If you want the exact time left remaining on the cooldown of a boss, you can interact with the boss in question; they will say how much time is remaining before they are rechallengable when asked.

If you are member in the Official PRO Discord you can also use the command ^cooldown boss ‘Player Name’ server to get a list of Bosses and their cooldowns.

Boss rework 2019

The boss rework was issued to improve the boss NPC’s in general. All bosses are coded in Python now and not in Xanascript anymore, which gave new opportunities. One of the biggest benefits is, that the Python script sees when if the server crashed in order to not count a lose in case the player fought against the boss while the server crashed. In such a case, the player can simply re-fight the boss.

Bosses now are a challenge for players on any experience level who do enjoy doing bosses. There are three difficulty level every not story related boss has, which ensures that bosses are challengable for newer players and also be a chellange for those who have a high Pokémon knowledge. Boss teams are decisively reworked and only contain level 100 Pokémon. EVs and hold items do vary among other things — also depending on the difficulty level. Boss Pokémon are not restricted to only using one move when holding a choice item.

  • Easy: bosses have no EVs and no hold items; as well as a weakened moveset. Consecutive win rewards are also not available.
  • Medium: bosses have 252 EVs in each stat and hold items.
  • Hard: bosses have 31 IVs 400 EVs in each stat and hold items. Furthermore, the player is not allowed to use in-battle items such as Revives. Additionally, On Hard difficulty some of the Boss’s pokémon will have more than 4 moves. However 4 moves will be randomly generated for the battle.


Although boss battles are mostly ruleless, there are several provisos to help regulate the level of difficulty. For such battles, players are prohibited from using:

  • More than one Pokémon of the same species
  • Zacian or Zamazenta
  • Entrainment
  • Smeargle