Statistical Attributes

Base Power



Extra Information
  • Makes contact
  • Does not have an animation
  • Has minor bugs

Bind is a Normal type damage-dealing move.


Bind inflicts damage and binds the opponent for equal chance of 4 or 5 turns. During those turns, the opponent is unable to switch Pokemon. During wild Pokemon battles, the binded Pokemon is also unable to run away or use Teleport. Furthermore, it will take 1/8 of its maximum HP as indirect damage at the end of each of these turns.

If the user is holding a Grip Claw, it will last 7 turns.

During wild Pokémon battles, if the binded Pokémon is holding a Smoke Ball or has the Run Away ability, it will still be able to run away from the battle. However, having either of these two does not allow switching to another Pokémon.


  • The duration in PRO is one less than in the original games. With Grip Claw equipped, instead of dealing Bind damage 7 times then releasing on the next turn, it will instead deal damage 6 times and be released on the 7th turn. (Report thread)
  • If the opponent is defeated from the direct damage of Bind, the next Pokemon that is sent in the battle will be trapped. (Report thread)
  • If Bind successfully hits a Ghost through Scrappy, the Ghost type will become unable to switch out.



No. Pokémon Type 1 Type 2 Level
095 Onix Rock Ground 1
114 Tangela Grass 17
127 Pinsir Bug 4
208 Steelix Steel Ground 1
352 Kecleon Normal 4
356 Dusclops Ghost 1
455 Carnivine Grass 1
465 Tangrowth Grass 17
477 Dusknoir Ghost 1
538 Throh Fighting 1
599 Klink Steel 21
600 Klang Steel 21
601 Klinklang Steel 21
603 Eelektrik Electric 9
615 Cryogonal Ice 1
631 Heatmor Fire 11

Emboldened Pokémon avail from a STAB bonus for this move.