Three Island

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Three Island — Sevii Islands



Adjacent areas

Bond Bridge Three Island
Three Isle Port

Three Island is the third island in the Sevii archipelago. When the player first reaches the island, it is being controlled by a biker gang. One of the townsfolk asks that you help them out. Once you defeat their leader, the biker gang will leave and you can continue onto the next island.

Notable Miscellaneous


The Picknicker in the top right of the town will ask you 3 questions. Answer them correctly to pass.

  • The first question is: ‘What is your name?’. The answer is your username.
  • The second question is: ‘What is your quest?’. All of the options given are correct.
  • The third question is: ‘What Pokémon is #227?’. The answer is Skarmory.



Three Island Mart
Item Price
Pokeball 200
Great Ball 600
Ultra Ball 1,200
Escape Rope 550
Potion 300
Super Potion 700
Hyper Potion 1,200
Max Potion 2,500
Full Restore 3,000
Revive 1,500
Repel 350
Super Repel 500
Max Repel 700
Ether 600
Elixir 1,500
Antidote 100

NPC Trainers

Three Island Trainers

Cue Ball Trainer

Lv. 60
Lv. 64
Lv. 65

All NPCs cool down after 7 days unless noted contrariwise.