Slowbronite (quest)

Slowbronite (quest)
Starting location
Cliff Edge Gate.
  • Have the Mega Bracelet in your inventory.
  • Slowbronite

The Slowbronite quest is the questline done in order to acquire the Slowbronite—the Mega stone for Slowbro.


To make the quest go as smoothly as possible, these preparations should be made:

  • A Pokémon with Surf or a Surf mount
  • 3 Shellder
  • A team of level 100 Pokémon

Instructional Walkthrough


To begin the quest, head to Cliff Edge Gate, which is the cave west of Cianwood City. There is a little pond just below the desk there, surf down and speak with the NPC Sam. He will introduce himself as a Slowpoke enthusiast and will tell you of a strange evolutionary phenomenon the Slowpoke go through every 10 years. Sam will then ask you to bring him 3 Shellder. Keep in mind that the Shellder you give Sam will be permanently deleted.
After accepting the Shellder, he tells you the best place to observe the evolution of the Slowpoke is inside the Whirl Islands. Make your way to Whirl Islands B2F. Sam will be standing just outside the entrance to the room Thor is in.

Whirl Islands

Now that you’ve found the perfect spot to observe the Slowpoke undergo their evolution, find and speak with Sam. He will release the Shellder that you gave him so that they can evolve the Slowpoke.
Immediately after setting the Shellder loose, Team Rocket appears. They plan to steal all the Slowpoke to sell their tails. After a failed attempt at stopping them, Team Rocket makes their successful escape with the Slowpoke. With haste, Sam manages to come up with where they might have taken the Slowpoke and tells you to meet him at the only place they could store such an amount of Slowpoke at, which is Slowpoke Well.

Slowpoke Well

Once you reach Slowpoke Well, you will notice Sam standing in front of the entrance. Speak with him and he will go forward, allowing you to enter and follow him. Make your way to the lower level, and on the left side’s piece of land, Sam and a Team Rocket Grunt will be there. Confront the Team Rocket Grunt and he will battle you.

Slowbronite (quest) Trainers

Rocket Grunt

Lv. 100
Lv. 100
Lv. 100
Lv. 100
Lv. 100
File:80MIcon.png Slowbro (Mega)
Lv. 100

All NPCs cool down after 7 days unless noted contrariwise.

After being defeated, the Team Rocket Grunt will flee. While fleeing, he will drop the Slowbronite, and you will pick it up. Afterwards, Sam will thank you for saving the Slowpoke and leave.