Route 36

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Route 36 — Johto




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Route 36 is a Johto route serving as an intersection between many areas. On its west path can be reached Route 35 as well as the National Park. On its east path can be reached Violet City and Ruins of Alph. Its north path leads to Route 37.

The route itself cannot be accessed from any direction until Goldenrod City‘s gym has been completed. The western path is also isolated from other paths by a Sudowoodo, which will require the SquirtBottle to get out of the way.

Notable miscellanies


In the middle of Route 36’s intersection stands a Sudowoodo, blocking the path. In order to pass, it is necessary to obtain a SquirtBottle from Goldenrod City‘s Flower shop, which is located east of the gym. With the SquirtBottle obtained, the Sudowoodo will fight the player upon using the SquirtBottle on it. As Sudowoodo is a rare Pokémon, it is recommended to capture it.

Note that unlike the original games, the Sudowoodo is not separating all three paths of Route 36. It is only isolating the western path from the northern and eastern paths. As such, it is possible, although not recommended, to backtrack all the way to Violet City and proceed to Route 37 without fighting the Sudowoodo.

TMs Smuggler

On the eastern side of Route 36 is located a Smuggler. He will sell two useful TMs to the player. However, he will refuse to sell them unless the player has the caught data of at least 15 Generation 2 Pokémon. He will sell the following TMs:

Items Price
TM114Rock Smash 5,000
TM28Dig 5,000

Wild Pokémon


Pokémon Level range Times Held Item Rarity Tier
Bellsprout 21-22 Morning Day Common
Gastly 21-22 Night Common
Growlithe 21-22 Morning Day Night Rawst Berry Uncommon
Hoothoot 21-22 Night Common
Houndour 21-22 Morning Night Rare
Ledyba 21-22 Morning Common
Nidoran F 21-22 Morning Day Common
Nidoran M 21-22 Morning Day Common
Shinx 21-22 Day Electirizer Rare
Stantler 21-22 Night Common
Sudowoodo 21-22 Morning Day Night Hard Stone Rare
Vulpix 21-22 Morning Day Night Rawst Berry Uncommon
  • Pink-colored names denote that this Pokémon is exclusively encounterable for members in this area
  • Emboldened levels indicate they are isolatable with the Repel trick

Headbuttable Trees

Pokémon Levels Rarity Tier
Ledian 21-22 Common
Natu 21-22 Common
Teddiursa 21-22 Common
Hoothoot 21-22 Common
Aipom 21-22 Uncommon
Seedot 21-22 Rare


Item Quantity Cooldown Location
Leppa Berry 1-3 3 Days Berry Tree immediately west of the intersection.
Sitrus Berry 1-4 3 Days Berry Tree immediately west of the intersection.

NPC Trainers

Route 36 Trainers

Psychic Gohan

Lv. 30
Lv. 31

All NPCs cool down after 7 days unless noted contrariwise.